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Wizards Owner Ted Leonsis Says Rival League Owners Have Called Him Since Re-Signing Bradley Beal On A Supermax Deal: "I Wish We Had A Relationship Like You Have With Your Players.”

Bradley Beal

This summer, Bradley Beal was in total control of his NBA future. He could have gone anywhere, to play with anyone, for millions and millions of dollars. Instead, he stayed put to secure the biggest paycheck of his career.

And now that Beal has been locked-in for years, other team owners are apparently thirsty for a similar relationship with their star players.

In a statement by Wizards' owner Ted Leonsis, he reveals that several rival owners have been calling him to express some jealousy over Beal's loyalty and commitment to the Wizards.

Unfortunately, the Wizards haven't been a very successful team under Beal's tenure. Besides a few playoff runs with John Wall, Beal has practically nothing to show for his time in D.C.

Still, somehow, he remains confident he can win big with the franchise.

"It's never going to stop," Beal said after agreeing to a historical extension. "Next thing y'all will be talking about it is, 'oh, when is he going to lift his clause?' Winning a championship here would mean the world to me. That would mean more than up, leaving, and playing with four other All-Stars. I firmly believe in my heart that I can win here. The only thing I have to prove is I'm a winner. That's it. I have to win."

So, Beal is committed to winning -- but leading Washington to playoff victories is a lot easier said than done.

With no John Wall, Russell Westbrook, or any kind of co-star, Beal will have to carry an enormous scoring load for his club. Going forward, it remains to be seen if the team can make any big moves to improve the situation.

For now, all Wizards fans can do is hope for better days ahead. At least with Beal sure to return, things aren't going to get worse...