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Woman Sitting Courtside Bit Her Lips When She Saw Stephen Curry: "If Ayesha Curry See This..."

Woman Sitting Courtside Bit Her Lips When She Saw Stephen Curry: "If Ayesha Curry See This..."

Stephen Curry is the man of the hour in the NBA after breaking Ray Allen's all-time 3-PT record against the New York Knicks on Tuesday night. The Golden State Warriors superstar had a great night, dominating the Knicks once again, making history at the Madison Square Garden.

Curry's popularity has been at an all-time high recently, and everybody has tried to get his attention. For example, on Monday night, one fan was spotted looking at the player and showing her excitement to watch the 33-year-old very closely. 

Cameras caught the moment when Steph goes to the sidelines and one fan spots him. This woman was instantly excited to see the point guard and looked at him with eyes that showed more than admiration for the player. At some point, she even bit her lips, demonstrating she was attracted to the Splash Brother. 

To make things more interesting, she was sitting next to a man who was presumably her husband. NBA fans noticed all of this and started making jokes on social media, talking about the lady and the disrespect towards her husband, as well as what Ayesha Curry would have done if she saw another woman checking on her husband. 

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Curry is a very talented guy who has made history ever since he entered the league. He has worked hard to be where he is, to earn the respect he's earned and even the attention of female fans. 

It's not uncommon to see fans checking out players. It's happened forever and one of the most famous cases happened in the 2000s when Hollywood star Halle Berry was caught giving the look to late Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant during a game.

NBA players get a lot of attention from men and women and sometimes, females shoot their shots at them. Some get lucky, others get ignored, like the girl in this curious video.