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Zion Williamson Seems Like He Gained A Lot Of Weight After His Foot Surgery

Zion Williamson Seems Like He Gained A Lot Of Weight After His Foot Surgery

Zion Williamson has made the headlines in recent months and not even once for his performances on the court. The New Orleans Pelicans young star has been heavily criticized for his weight since he joined the league in 2019. 

Things have gotten worse in the following two years, with Zion gaining more weight, setting the alarms for the Pelicans, and giving fans a lot of meme material. He's missed a bunch of games during his first two seasons in the NBA, and this one hasn't been the exception. 

His weight remains the talk of the town around the association and his current shape doesn't help him. Zion underwent foot surgery, which seems to hurt him, as the player looked more prominent than he usually is. 

He's trying to get in game shape, but that seems to be a challenging job right now. Seeing videos of the player working out on the court, you can see he has a long way to go before recovering his best form. 

NBA fans reacted to this footage, raising their concerns about Williamson's health and what this could mean for his NBA career. 

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Zion's weight issues have been visible, but things have reached a new level now. This is very strange, and people wonder how the Pelicans didn't pay attention to this and let the player go this far. 

His return to the court remains a mystery right now, and seeing how out of shape he is, it'll take some time before we see Zion back on the floor. The big man needs to get things straight, or his future won't be as promising as it looked when he first entered the league. 

The Pelicans are trying to make it to the playoff this campaign, and having Zion on board will be crucial for them.