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Brian Windhorst Says It Could Be A While Before Kevin Durant Gets Traded: "The Market Does Not Want To Pay A Super Premium Price..."

Kevin Durant

It's rare for a player of Kevin Durant's caliber to be available for a trade. Considering he also has four years left on his deal, any team that trades for him will get to enjoy his services for years to come.

But even with those circumstances at play, it might be a while before Durant gets moved, if he even gets moved this summer at all. The truth is, there are very few teams in the league willing to pay the price for Durant, which is at least one All-Star level player and an absolute hoard of draft picks.

On ESPN's 'Get Up' morning show, the legendary Brian Windhorst broke down the latest development in the KD sweepstakes.

"We have a pretty gigantic gulf between what the Nets value who Kevin Durant is and what the market is willing to pay," said Windhorst. "Durant is obviously a very valuable player, nobody doubts that this guy is still is in prime years as an MVP-level candidate who can completely swing a team from pretender to contender with his presence. However, the market does not want to pay a super premium price for him because if you trade away all of these top assets on your team to get him, he becomes less valuable to you. That gulf is why we're in a stalemate right now and could have one for a while.”

Kevin Durant is good enough to make the team in the league a contender. With the right pieces and the right coach, Durant could thrive and lead his next team to greatness.

But what good is getting Durant if you have to give everything up to get him? How good can the Suns, Heat, or Raptors really be if they have to give up all their depth to acquire a 34-year-old Durant?

Until Brooklyn lowers their ask or one team gets desperate enough to compile a monster package, this saga could extend well beyond what anyone imagined.