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NBA Executive Says Kevin Durant Trade Could Take Months To Resolve: "We Could Be Waiting This Out."

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NBA Insider Reveals What Nets Owner Joe Tsai Could Have Said To Kevin Durant When He Came To His Office

Kevin Durant's trade request has been the most prominent news of the summer, with there being plenty of speculation about where he will end up. While a lot of people expected a relatively fast resolution, the Nets have resisted trading away Kevin Durant thus far.

It seems as though this process may take longer than expected. An NBA executive that spoke to Steve Bulpett of revealed that this matter could take "weeks or even months to be resolved".

A ranking exec from another club very interested in this process continues to believe the KD-Nets matter could take weeks or even months to be resolved.

“Unless something comes out of nowhere that we haven’t heard or expected, we could be waiting this out,” he said. “I think all of us would just like this over one way or another, but that’s going to depend on the (Nets’) owner.

“The difference between this situation and almost everything else is that we’re talking about Kevin f***ing Durant. With just about everything else, you hear what Brooklyn wants and you walk away. But because it’s KD, you kind of have to stay at the table and see how things play out — see if Brooklyn changes what they want or what they’ll accept.”

It remains to be seen when and where Kevin Durant will get traded. There are a number of teams that would allow Kevin Durant to play on a competitive team after they trade for him. He has most recently been linked to the Boston Celtics, with a deal featuring Jaylen Bown being suggested as a "viable" option.

Hopefully, this saga ends sooner rather than later, but as of right now, it looks as though we could be in for a wait. The Brooklyn Nets clearly want to prioritize getting a top-tier return for Kevin Durant, and we'll see what sort of trade package they get.