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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Have Had Trade Conversations About Joe Harris

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Joe Harris

Joe Harris is known as one of the best 3 and D players in the league. The sharpshooter has missed time with an injury this year but was averaging 11.3 PPG prior to that while shooting 46.6% from beyond the arc. 

Despite the fact that his shooting is extremely valuable, it seems as though the Brooklyn Nets have had trade discussions about Joe Harris. Jake Fischer recently reported that there's been "a surprising willingness" from the Nets to enter discussions about a trade, but added that Harris "would surely require a pricey offer".

Brooklyn has expressed a surprising willingness to discuss sharpshooter Joe Harris, according to league sources, though he would surely require a pricey offer. “It’s crazy to me; he’s their only real three-and-D player,” said one assistant general manager. “But his name keeps popping up.

Discussions about a player don't necessarily mean a trade is imminent, or that the player is actually going to be traded. It is every front office's job to try and find ways to improve, and perhaps this is what the Brooklyn Nets are trying to do. It's hard to see the Brooklyn Nets trade one of the team's best shooters in Joe Harris unless it's a top-tier trade offer, as they have had some struggles with spacing this year. Nets superstar Kevin Durant notably has a high opinion of Harris' abilities, once claiming that he's "getting up there" with players like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry.

If he does end up getting traded though, Joe Harris could help a lot of teams with his sharpshooting. Players like him generally work well next to superstars, as they have an elite off-ball game and don't require huge amounts of touches to be successful. Joe Harris would definitely be a difference-maker for a contender.

The Brooklyn Nets do have some time to make a decision before a trade deadline, and they'll likely weigh every option to improve. It is clear that they are gunning for a championship this season, and we'll see if they are able to achieve that goal.