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NBA Rumors: Lakers Are Looking To Move DeAndre Jordan And Kent Bazemore To Free Up Roster Spots

NBA Rumors: Lakers Are Looking To Move DeAndre Jordan And Kent Bazemore To Free Up Roster SpotsDraft SharePreviewPublish

The Los Angeles Lakers have just won 3 games in a row, and it looks as though they are finally heading on a winning path. However, there's definitely a lot of room for them to improve.

One of the ways that they could potentially improve in the middle of the season is via trade and buyout opportunities. It definitely seems as though there is a chance that they might make some moves, and the Lakers have already been reported as having an interest in players such as Ben Simmons and Jerami Grant.

As of now though, it seems as though their goal is to simply clear space on the roster. Brian Windhorst of ESPN has recently claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to move on from Kent Bazemore and DeAndre Jordan to free up roster spots, similar to what they did when they traded away Rajon Rondo.

They already offloaded a player in Rondo to create a roster spot, and they are looking to do more of that... With LeBron starting at center and eventually getting Anthony Davis back, they are looking to move DeAndre Jordan.

Not necessarily for another player, but to move him so that they can open up a roster spot. Kent Bazemore is another player that they've been willing to talk about... Again, I think their goal is open up a roster spot. The Rondo move looks like it's been designed for Stanley Johnson to fill, but they may look in the buyout market for another player, they're trying to figure out how to do that.

As Brian Windhorst mentions, moving on from players that haven't played well and creating roster spots could allow them to acquire additions from the buyout market that would benefit them. It is unclear who those players are, but the Lakers surely will have options if they're already trying to create open roster spots. 

We'll see what happens with the Los Angeles Lakers going forward. There is no question that they are still an amazing team from a talent standpoint, and perhaps some moves on the fringes can help them get back to competing ways.