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NBA Rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves Have Reportedly Explored Trades For Dejounte Murray And Rudy Gobert

Dejounte Murray and Rudy Gobert

With the NBA trade season in full swing, the rumor mill has been running nonstop for days. On Monday morning, most of the noise was regarding Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets, who are headed towards an ugly divorce.

But in Minnesota, the Timberwolves may have something else cooking.

According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, the team has already considered various big-time trades, including for San Antonio's Dejounte Murray and Utah's Rudy Gobert.

(via FanNation)

"I thought that one of the more interesting parts of draft week was Minnesota reportedly being linked to both Gobert and (Clint) Capela. I had heard those links were exaggerated, particularly in the case of Capela, but that the interest in Gobert was semi-real. Utah is asking way too much. I don't think Utah got within the 50-yard-line of any Gobert trade this week. We'll see what this coming week brings," Lowe said. "But I think the idea that [Karl-Anthony Towns] is OK playing the 4 and that Minnesota is willing to invest its resources at the 5 instead of at the 1 where they have D'Angelo Russell. I was all in and still am all in on Minnesota getting Dejounte Murray. I think that's the piece I would go for. I do think they talk with the Spurs about Dejounte Murray. The price there is prohibitive, too."

Whether they go for Murray, Gobert, or someone else entirely, it's looking like it will be a busy summer for the Timberwolves.

"They have this one vision where they get a big-time center. And then they have this point guard question where D'Angelo Russell is entering the last year of his contract after getting benched in their last game of the season. I think there's an extension number somewhere with D'Angelo Russell. I think D'Angelo's Russell's agents at CAA would be offended by what I would offer in an extension if I were Minnesota, but I do think there's a middle ground somewhere where both sides could sleep at night. I don't know if they'll strike that deal, but I love the fit of Dejounte Murray there. I think Minnesota, Atlanta, Cleveland to some extent, and Washington for sure, we're all trying to see what the price for Dejounte Murray would be, and all obviously came up empty."

With Karl-Antony Towns, Antony Edwards, and D'Angelo Russell, Minnesota has a solid core of young stars and leaders. In a few years, they could really be something.

But for now, the Wolves still have to endure some growing pains as they shape and mold the roster to their vision. They will also have to decide which player(s) they want to keep around for the long haul, and which players they want to pursue in free agency for the betterment of the team.

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