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NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo Could Be Traded Or Bought Out By Memphis Grizzlies

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Rajon Rondo is currently on the Memphis Grizzlies, as a result of the trade that sent Eric Bledsoe to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for himself, Patrick Beverley, and Daniel Oturu. However, it looks as if it is possible that Rondo will not be on the Grizzlies at the start of the season.

A recent article by Drew Hill of The Memphian revealed that Rajon Rondo could get bought out or traded by the Memphis Grizzlies. Hill stated that the reason was due to the Memphis Grizzlies roster currently exceeding the 15-man roster limit. 

There are simply too many players for a 15-man roster, and Memphis added two more following the trade that sent Patrick Beverley to Minnesota. The Grizzlies will have to find a way to get players off the roster, potentially by buying players out, trading or waiving them.

Will Rajon Rondo be part of the team at the season’s beginning? Probably not. What about Sam Merrill? Seems unlikely.

There are a lot of teams where Rajon Rondo would prove useful. Rondo is an experienced veteran who's been part of two championship runs with the Celtics and the Lakers. His ability to make plays for others has always been his calling card, and his vision for a good pass will never go away. Rondo has also improved his shooting over the last few seasons. There is no doubt that any team in need of a backup point guard would be a good fit for Rondo.

It remains to be seen whether the Grizzlies end up finding a suitor for Rajon Rondo, or whether he will end up getting bought out. They have a solid young core, and it seems as though Rondo will not be part of their future plans, as retaining him would simply mean taking away from others' minutes.