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NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Could Acquire Myles Turner For Davis Bertans, Deni Avdija, And A Pick

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The Washington Wizards might be the 10th seed right now, but they are one of the most exciting teams in the game. Despite an utterly miserable start to the season, they have turned their year around, and they have had a resurgence to close out the year, putting them in a position to be in the play-in tournament these playoffs.

It is possible that the start of the season was a fluke for the Washington Wizards, and that they are truly the team they have shown themselves to be in the last few weeks. They have two superstars in Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, and most seasons, that is enough firepower to make the playoffs. While they look like they will be better next season, they could elect to make a trade in order to up their chances of competing against the powerhouse franchises in the Eastern Conference.

A player that would be a good fit on their roster, is Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers. Turner is one of the most versatile players in the league and would be a good defensive piece next to two superstars. Here is a trade package that could potentially interest the Indiana Pacers:

Washington Wizards Receive: Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers Receive: Davis Bertans, Deni Avdija, a future first-round pick

Indiana Pacers Get A Top 10 Prospect And Future Assets

Myles Turner is a solid player, but this iteration of the Indiana Pacers doesn't seem like it has enough to beat the superteams in the Eastern Conference. If the Indiana Pacers attempt a reset, they could trade some of their players in order to find pieces for the future. The last time the Indiana Pacers picked a top 10 prospect was when they selected Paul George in 2010, so they could try to develop a talented prospect in order to compete in the future instead.

While Deni Avdija has had an okay season with the Washington Wizards, it is clear that he will need more touches to develop. Avdija was the 9th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and he was drafted due to his solid playmaking ability at the wing, as well as his size and strong fundamentals. He has the tools to develop into a productive player in the future, and the Indiana Pacers could help him, as they have a solid team structure and a good development staff.

The rest of this deal will include Davis Bertans as a big man replacement, as well as a first-round pick for the future. Myles Turner when healthy is a candidate for DPOY, so it's not like getting him will be easy. Davis Bertans is a sniper on the court and is shooting 39.8% from beyond the arc this season. The future first-round pick would be a draft asset for the Pacers as well, hopefully pushing this deal over the top. This seems like a fair package for a veteran on a middling team.

The Washington Wizards Bolster Their Defense

The Washington Wizards have had a bottom 15 defensive rating this season, and Myles Turner would certainly help with that issue. Myles Turner is an effective rim protector who is currently averaging 3.4 BPG this season, and his presence around the rim often deters opponents from trying to drive. The Washington Wizards have some solid perimeter defenders in Russell Westbrook and Rui Hachimura, but they need a dominant defensive center who can do the dirty work inside.

On the offensive end, Myles Turner is a player who would be a great complementary piece to the two superstars on the team. Turner isn't quite as good of a shooter as Davis Bertans, but he has a high volume of outside shots (4.4 attempts) and a passable percentage for a center (33.5%). The Washington Wizards would downgrade slightly on the spacing, in order to greatly upgrade their defense.

At the end of the day, Myles Turner provides impact on both ends, and that is something that the Wizards desperately need. Every team needs an enforcer type player who can get down and help the team grind out a win, and if Myles Turner goes to the Wizards, he could be that player for their roster.