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The All-Time 3-Point Leaders For Each NBA Franchise

The All-Time 3-Point Leaders For Each NBA Franchise

On the heels of Steph Curry breaking the all-time NBA mark, it’s a very three-point shooting feel these days. Everyone loves the deep three and the shimmy shake that comes with it. Curry will go down as a legacy player that helped change the game forever. There is a reason that NBA franchises are looking far up at his 2,973 career three-pointers.

Will the Warriors franchise always lead other franchises in this category? Who knows what the future looks like. With that said, some franchises have skilled three-point shooters themselves. Others are a team that loves to pound the paint.

Here are the all-time three-point leaders for each NBA franchise.

Atlanta Hawks 

Mookie Blaylock - 1,050 3PM

Joe Johnson nearly crept up to Blaylock’s record but finished his career with 908. Then, Kyle Korver was in the mix with 818. Trae Young has a real shot of one day running down Blaylock. In his young career, Young has already accumulated 573 career three-pointers and recently signed a five-year extension with the team. Young’s future looks good.

As for Blaylock, he led the NBA in three-point attempts and finished second in three-pointers in 1996-1997. He holds the franchise record for three-point field goals, attempts, and steals. In 1995-1996, Blaylock set the single-season franchise record for three-pointers made with 231 and attempted with 623.

Boston Celtics

Paul Pierce - 1,823 3PM

Pierce is the only Celtics player to finish with over 1,000 career three-pointers. Antoine Walker is second with 937. The real intrigue is where would Ray Allen be on this list if he played more than five seasons with the team, where he accumulated 798 three-pointers.

As for Pierce, he owns over 2,000 career threes and ranks ninth on the all-time list. In 2015, he passed Jason Kidd to what would have been fourth on the all-time list 2015. Pierce is also a former Three-Pointer Contest champion.

Brooklyn Nets

Joe Harris - 842 3PM

The Nets were led by Jason Kidd with 813, but last year Harris overtook the team’s three-point shooting. Harris is a former Three-Point Contest champion himself and has slid into his role with the Nets quite nicely. With players like James Harden and Kevin Durant on the team, Harris has found quite a few open looks these days.

Moving forward, Harris should makeover 1,000 career three-pointers unless he gets injured. After that, it would take a player like Durant to overtake his record one day. Historically speaking, the Nets have not had very many great three-point shooters.

Charlotte Hornets

Kemba Walker - 1,283 3PM

The Hornets had the father of the great Steph Curry in their franchise history in Dell Curry. However, Walker ruined having Steph and Dell and the top of their respective franchises. Steph also got the best of Dell as he finished his Hornets tenure with 929 career three-pointers.

Walker leads the way with some spectacular performances. In the 2018-2019 season, Walker set the NBA record for most three-point field goals through the first game of the season with 19. The previous record was held by Danilo Gallinari with 18 in 2009-2010. He also became the first player in NBA history to make five or more three-point field goals in each of the first three games of the season.

Chicago Bulls

Kirk Hinrich - 1,049 3PM

The Bulls were never known for their outside shooting. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman were known for taking it to the rack. With that said, Jordan and Pippen both finished with over 500 career threes, but it’s Captain Kirk Hinrich that is the only player in Bulls history to ever record over 1,000 career three-pointers.

Hinrich started with a bang when he shot better from outside (39.0%) than inside the arc (38.6%), which resulted in him making the All-Rookie First Team with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh. He was also awarded the team MVP Award. Years later, he remained a dependable outside shooter. Looking ahead, Zach LaVine (625) could make a run at this award if he resigns with the team this offseason.

Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James - 1,251 3PM

The Cavaliers are not known for players and their outside shooting unless it’s Mark Price. After all, there is a reason that Kevin Love is the second-leading outside shooter in team history. With that said, you have to give credit to Love who transformed his game throughout his career.

When LeBron first entered the league, he was frequently criticized for a reliable jump shot. Teams would try to exploit these weaknesses by giving him space in the half-court. This forced him to settle on threes, which was seen in the 2007 NBA Finals by Gregg Popovich. Over time, LeBron has developed an outside shot, but it’s not his strong suit.

Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki - 1,982 3PM

Charles Barkley once gave a famous quote saying that the best way to guard Dirk Nowitzki was to “get a cigarette and a blindfold.” The 7-foot-0 Nowitzki was the tallest player to be selected to participate in the Three-Point Contest in 2000. He later became the oldest to win it as well. In the regular season, Nowitzki won an MVP and recorded a 50-40-90 season.

From a shooting standpoint, Nowitzki excelled in transition. He would at times grab a rebound, lead it down the floor, and prepare to launch a three-point bomb. Given that he nearly made 2,000 career threes, he was pretty effective. The closest player to his total is Jason Terry with 1,140.

Denver Nuggets

J.R. Smith - 768 3PM

Nikola Jokic could own this record one day as a center. Jokic owns 476 career three-pointers and is just 26 years old. By the time he finishes his career in Denver, he could go as high as 1,000 career three-pointers. With that said, he might have to challenge Will Barton, who is close to owning this record himself with 707. If Jamal Murray (673) could stay healthy, he would own this record, so this race will be fun to watch.

As for Smith, when he played alongside Carmelo Anthony, Smith was the sharpshooting right-hand man. Smith’s excellence from deep transitioned to multiple clubs as well.

Detroit Pistons

Joe Dumars - 990 3PM

Chauncey Billups made a run at Dumars back in the day but came up short with 890. Had he never been traded to the Nuggets for Allen Iverson, Billups would easily own this record himself. Instead, Dumars, another great Pistons legend, stands alone by just missing 1,000 career threes.

Dumars was very efficient from deep. During the team’s championship runs in 1989 and 1990, Dumars shot over 40% from three-point range. That also included shooting 48.3% in 1989. When teams focused on Isiah Thomas, Dumars took advantage of the open looks.

Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry - 2,977 3PM

If you need statistical evidence of why the Splash Bro are who they are, then take a look at the numbers. Before Steph Curry and Klay Thompson suited up for the Warriors, the record was 700 by Jason Richardson. Then, Curry became one of the greatest players of all time and made the current NBA record.

As for Thompson, he owns 1,798 career threes and the NBA record for the single-game three-point mark with 14 baskets behind the arc against the Bulls on October 29, 2018. Had Thompson played these last two seasons, you factor that he would have made at least 250 threes per season. By the time Thompson does play again, he could make a run at being the runner-up, but the Warriors have been graced with two of the best outside shooters ever.

Houston Rockets

James Harden - 2,029 3PM

The top two three-point shooters in team history are Eric Gordon (901) and James Harden. In the all-time rankings, Harden ranks fourth all-time and has a realistic chance to finish his career as a finisher in the top-3 or as the runner-up. We know that Harden can slash in the lane and draw contact, but he is one of the best combo guards of all time because he can shoot.

Harden is the all-time NBA leader in unassisted three-point makes, but also once helped the Rockets make an NBA record of 24 three-pointers. Harden is also the only player to ever record a 50-15-15 line, and once tied Wilt Chamberlain for the most points in triple-double history when he scored 53 points and scored a career-high nine three-pointers.

Indiana Pacers

Reggie Miller - 2,560 3PM

Before Steph Curry and Ray Allen, Reggie Miller was the man from downtown. Miller led the league twice in three-point field goals in 1992-1993 and 1996-1997. From November 15, 1996, to April 6, 1997, he made a three-pointer in 68 consecutive games. He also is an exclusive member of the 50-40-90 club.

Danny Granger is the closest to Miller’s total with just over 900 threes, but it’s going to be a long time before we see this record fall. Given that Miller used to own the league record, it’s going to take a Steph Curry-like player to come to Indiana.

Los Angeles Clippers

Eric Piatkowski - 738 3PM

Eric Piatkowski might not be a name you recognize, but he is the man that owns the most three-pointers in team history. He set the Clippers’ season record for three-point percentage at .466, which ranked him third in the 2001-2002 season. His shooting was so accurate that it generated the nickname “Pike” and “The Polish Rifle.”

The Clippers saw JJ Reddick (674), Jamal Crawford (662), and Chris Paul (618) shoot efficiently during their tenure with the Clippers, but each probably needed just one or more two seasons extended to own the record. Paul George owns 392 career threes in a Clippers uniform. With his new extension, this could be his record one day.

Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant - 1,827 3PM

The man that scored the most points in team history is also the same man that made the most outside shots. Bryant owns a significant lead over runner-up Derek Fisher (846) in team history. Given that the Lakers are traditionally known for their big men inside, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaq, it’s no surprise that Bryant is at the top. The only interesting stat would have been Jerry West’s totals had there been an arc during his playing years.

Bryant set an NBA record for three-pointers in a game on January 7, 2003, when he made 12 against the SuperSonics. Bryant was famously known for his fall-away jump shot or his jab, step, and pause move, but historically speaking he could back up his outside game. As an all-around player, he doesn't get much better than Kobe.

Memphis Grizzlies

Mike Conley Jr. - 1,086 3PM

When the Heat picked up Mike Miller during their championship years, it was a big deal because Miller was the Grizzlies’ all-time leading three-point shooter. He eventually carried those skills as a role player, but his tenure at the top was brief. Mike Conley Jr was able to overtake this record, as well as the all-time points mark.

Conley’s shooting has gotten better over time. It was just last year that Conley made the championship round of the Three-Point Contest, which he narrowly lost to Steph Curry 28-27. The best part was that Curry was a replacement for Devin Booker at the time. Now, he remains an all-around player that has helped the Jazz reach new heights as a team.

Miami Heat

Tim Hardaway - 806 3PM

The Heat historically has some good shooters. Outside of Hardaway, the team has Eddie Jones, Glen Rice, Mario Chalmers, and Duncan Robinson with more than 600 makes. With Robinson’s recent extension with the Heat, we will see Robison complete his Cinderella story in the NBA as the all-time three-point champion with the franchise.

As for Hardaway, he once finished as high as fourth in the MVP voting when the Heat won a record 61 games. He has placed as high as fourth in the league with three-point makes. In a time where there was an emphasis on putting the ball inside, Hardaway did his job when given the chance.

Milwaukee Bucks

Khris Middleton - 1,086 3PM

In the third game of the 2021-2022 season, Middleton passed Ray Allen for the most three-pointers in Bucks history. Three players have over 1,000 career threes in team history. That includes Middleton, Allen (1,051), and Michael Redd (1,003).

In terms of outside shooting, Middleton has grown into a proficient outside shooter. On March 4, 2016, he scored 32 points on 11-of-16 shooting, which included 8-of-9 from three-point range. It was the most three-pointers made by a Bucks player since Carlos Delfino.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Karl-Anthony Towns - 695 3PM

We talked about how Nikola Jokic could one day redefine the position. Karl-Anthony Towns is already kind of doing that himself. Towns are not your prototypical center. He owns the ability to shoot from outside and will run away with this record as long as he keeps playing in Minnesota.

Former No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins is second in team history with 520. Based on the history of Towns and Wiggins, it shows that the Timberwolves have not had great success with outside shooting in team history, but it also shows that the team has struggled to bring in premier talent.

New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue Holiday - 628 3PM

When the Bucks acquired Jrue Holiday, the team thought his defense would help the team get over the edge and win a championship. That is exactly what happened this past year. Before Milwaukee, Holiday left the team as the all-time leader in three-pointers. The list itself is lackluster with totals but not overall names.

Peja Stojakovic is second with 553 and Ryan Anderson is third with 533. When you look back, it’s funny how you can’t think of too many great three-pointer shooters. In the future, it’s not going to change either with Zion Williamson leading the front. However, Brandon Ingram has a chance if he doesn’t get traded.

New York Knicks

John Starks - 982 3PM

With the Knicks having such a long history, you would think there would be at least one player in team history with at least 1,000 career three-pointers. Instead, the only player to come close to that is John Starks, who barely missed it by 18 threes. Allan Houston is the only other player with over 900 for a career in New York with 921, while Carmelo Anthony ended his Knicks tenure with 762.

Starks was the first NBA player to make 200 three-pointers in a season. His 217 threes in 1994-1995 broke Louie Dampier’s single-season record, in the NBA and ABA, of 199 which was set during the 1868-1969 ABA season.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant - 1,143 3PM

It’s been about five years since Durant left the Thunder to join the Warriors, but imagine what the record books would have looked like had he stayed. Durant is the only player in OKC/Seattle history to record over 1,000 threes in a career. Rashard Lewis came close with 973, while Russell Westbrook was traded one year too early and ended with 922.

For Durant, he will go down as one of the greatest overall scorers ever. During his tenure in OKC, he won three scoring titles and an MVP. That also included a trip to the NBA Finals at a young age. He still can score at any part of the floor, which is just painful to watch if you are an OKC fan.

Orlando Magic

Dennis Scott - 981 3PM

Had Evan Fournier not been traded last season, he would have potentially made a run for the record with the Magic. Well, he might have needed one more year, but his 895 ranks him third, but it is just five off from second where Nick Anderson owns 900. The man at the top is the man that broke John Starks’ single-season record for threes in a season with 267, which now belongs to Steph Curry.

Scott earned the nickname “3-D” for his ability to consistently make long three-pointers. Until the team drafted Shaquille O’Neal in 1992, Scott and Nick Anderson were the only true scorers on the team. In 1995-1996, Scott broke the single-season record, which was eventually broken by Ray Allen. He also set the single-game record with 11 before Kobe Bryant broke the record.

Philadelphia 76ers

Allen Iverson - 885 3PM

Another storied franchise without a player over 1,000 in career threes is the 76ers. With great scorers like Hal Greer, Wilt Chamberlain, and Charles Barkley, the team never needed to have an outside shooter. When looking at the records, there is a reason that Robert Covington is second with 707.

While Covington is a solid role player, seeing his name as the second finisher proves that the 76ers are attached to their traditional style of physical basketball inside. With Joel Embiid somewhat changing that narrative, we will see how long that lasts. As for the king, Allen Iverson being at the top should not surprise anyone as Iverson is one of the few players that could air a shot anywhere on the floor and you would believe it would go in.

Phoenix Suns

Steve Nash - 1,051 3PM

Nash is the only player in team history with over 1,000, but that won’t be for very long. Devin Booker sits at 845 and will eventually own this record unless he gets hurt or traded. Once he joins Nash, that is going to be some pretty impressive company. How high Booker will go is the true question.

When the 2012-2013 season ended, Nash had the best career free throw shooting percentage. That shooting carried over to the outside, where his 42.8% career three-point shooting was the eighth best in the league. He also ranked as one of the top 10 players in three-point field goals made.

Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard - 2,119 3PM

Who is the next player to pass Ray Allen? The realistic answer is both James Harden and Damian Lillard. The top two players in franchise history are Lillard and CJ McCollum (1,263). There is clearly a talent difference between the two, but Lillard has been showing that off since he came into the league.

Lillard broke the all-time NBA rookie record for three-pointers in a season (185), which surpassed Steph Curry’s 166 in 2009-2010. It was also the same year that Lillard led the NBA in total minutes, the first since Elvin Hayes in 1968-1969. Lillard broke Damon Stoudamire’s record for single-season three's that same year. As time grew on, Lillard added to his resume when he scored a playoff career-high 55 points, behind an NBA playoff record of 12 three-pointers and 10 assists.

Sacramento Kings

Buddy Hield - 1,168 3PM

For a player that circulates the trade rumors as much as Buddy Hield, any team would be lucky to employ his services. Hield has taken over as the best outside shooter in King’s history, surpassing Peja Stojakovic (1,070) last year. Hield is a Three-Point Contest champion and his idol was Kobe Bryant. Everything supports that he is a great overall shooter.

Coming out of college, Hield’s rise to the top was bound to happen. His senior year, Hield won the John R. Wooden Award after he led the nation in a three-point shooting. In the NBA, Hield hasn’t had the chance to play on a true contending team. Maybe, that will change this year.

San Antonio Spurs

Manu Ginobili - 1,495 3PM

Patty Mills recently concluded his career with San Antonio, but finished second overall with 1,171 three-pointers, but fell fairly short of his former teammate in Manu Ginobili. Ginobili is one of 15 players in NBA history to be a former second-round pick and reach 13,000 career points and with 1,300 career three-pointers. With his contributions to the Spurs, there is no wonder he is considered a top player in team history.

From an outside shooting perspective, Ginobili topped 100 three-pointers in a season four times but lasted 16 seasons in the league. Had he not played in Italy for three years, this might have been a higher total. Nevertheless, this record is not going to be touched for a long time based on the Spurs’ current situation.

Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry - 1,518 3PM

Fred VanVleet has a long way to go, but he ranks third with 640. He should make a run towards runner-up as Morris Peterson stands with 801. As for the top, Kyle Lowry stands alone. One might wonder where DeMar DeRozan is on this list, but you have to remember he was more of a mid-range shooter. Lowry was the far better outside shooter.

Lowry is a former participant in the Three-Point Contest. He is only the third player to ever accomplish this in team history. The following year, Lowry set a franchise record by hitting all six of his three-pointers for a game with 24 points. With a championship with his name on it, Lowry will have his jersey retired in Toronto one day.

Utah Jazz

Joe Ingles - 1,046 3PM

You might have not expected to read that Joe Ingles is the only player in Jazz history to have over 1,000 made three-pointers. Before Ingles, John Stockton owned this record with 845. Now, he is in danger of falling third on the list as Donovan Mitchell owns 808. The battle between Ingles and Mitchell should be a fun one for years to come.

As for Ingles, he recorded the best three-point percentage (.441) by a Jazz player since Kyle Korver set an NBA record (.536) during the 2016-2017 season. He also became the first Jazz player to shoot .441 with at least 270 attempts.

Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal - 1,410 3PM

Before Bradley Beal, the team saw Gilbert Arenas grow to become one of the best scorers in team history. What differs with Beal is that he has done it longer. Beal also accomplished this at a super young age, but he has been a stud for so long. When Beal was 23, he joined Kevin Durant and Vince Carter as the only players to score at least 23 points and shoot above 40% from three-point range at that age or younger.

Beal owns the franchise single-season three-point record. He accomplished this in 2016-2017, when he scored 209 for the year, narrowly beating Arenas who made 205 in 2004-2005 and 2006-2007. If Beal continues at this rate, he could finish his career in the top-5 or better. 


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