There was this one play during Michael Jordan’s last days in the NBA, while he was part of the Washington Wizards, where Kobe Bryant tried to attack him, with Jordan getting the foul, teasing Kobe while on the floor.

Several years after that, we finally know what was said between the two legends. It was all laughs between them, but what we didn’t know was that MJ actually trash-talked Kobe during that sequence. According to actor John Cusack, who witnessed the play very closely, Jordan told Kobe he wasn’t going to pass anyway.

“Everyone cleared out – so Kobe could have MJ one on one -MJ took the charge / won the battle – they paused a beat , looking at each other wryly –
“ well the whole fucking building knew you weren’t gonna pass “mj said and they both burst out laughing ..:),” he wrote on Twitter.

Jordan and Bryant had a great relationship, with the former even calling Bryant ‘his little brother’ during his memorial service last February. You could see they were just great during that play, showing the love and respect they had for each other.

Mike would retire after two seasons with the Wizards, having good matchups against Kobe, who scored 55 against him in his last duel.

KB24 tragically passed away last January 26 in a helicopter crash, shocking the NBA and the world of sports in general. Jordan was one of the most outspoken people when that happened, showing how much he loved Kobe.