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Making it to the NBA is difficult but staying there is even harder. I mean, you’re competing against the top-notch basketball players to ever set foot on hardwood, so standing out isn’t for everybody.

Needless to say, that means some of the legends of the game have dominated most of their opposition, either because they’ve played on better teams, or because some of their rivals have been traded around the league and often put in difficult positions to succeed.

Role players get passed around. Superstars stay with their teams. Playing for a bad team obviously gives you a tough time trying to beat the best in the game. That’s why we’re going to give you a list of the most wins against a single player without a loss in NBA history.

Note: shoutout to Redditor JusKen for gathering the data.


Kobe Bryant vs. Billy Owens (12-0)


Kobe Bryant vs. Tyrone Nesby (12-0)


LeBron James vs. Chris Douglas-Roberts (14-0)

(via Sports Illustrated)


James Harden vs. Bismack Biyombo (14-0)

(via Washington Post)


Kawhi Leonard vs. Andrew Wiggins (14-0)

Credit: AP Photo


Steph Curry vs. Devin Harris (15-0)


Klay Thompson vs. Alex Len (15-0)

(via The Mercury News)


Andre Iguodala vs. Rodney Hood (15-0)

(via Uproxx)


Klay Thompson vs. Shelvin Mack (16-0)

(via NBC Sports)


David Robinson vs. Chris Mills (18-0)


Scottie Pippen vs. Doug West (18-0)

(via Marca)


Larry Bird vs. Major Jones (19-0)

(via NBA.com)


Karl Malone vs. Michael Smith (19-0)


Dennis Rodman vs. Joe Wolf (19-0)

(via Marca)


Wilt Chamberlain vs. Dale Schlueter (19-0)

Credit: Getty Images


John Stockton vs. Michael Smith (20-0)

Sam Forencich/NBAE/Getty Images


Wilt Chamberlain vs. Rick Adelman (22-0)


Michael Jordan vs. Sherman Douglas (30-0)

(via CBS Sports)



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