Following a painful 106-101 loss in front of the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics aren’t in a good position right now. Trailing 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals, blowing a 17-point lead, it’s understandable that not everybody is happy about the things happening with the team right now.

After the Heat dominated the Celtics, reports saw the light stating there were screaming coming from inside the Celtics’ locker room, with people cursing and throwing objects across the room. It was reported that Marcus Smart’s voice was heard all over the place and he stormed out the locker room after telling his teammates ‘y’all on that bulls–t.’

This situation made the headlines and obviously, reporters were going to ask the Celtics about it. Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum all reacted to the news, stating it was nothing, explaining that was the way Smart plays and admitting things aren’t right at this moment so players will get emotional.

Brown explained that’s the way Smart plays, making it clear that he loves that passion and that’s one of the reasons why the Celtics have made it to this stage.

“He plays with passion, he’s full of fire and that’s what I love about him most. … There are ups and downs with families all the time but we embrace each other for who we are, who Marcus is, I love him for it. We gotta be ready to come back with that same fire for Game 3,” Brown said.

Kemba also talked, minimizing the whole incident, saying it was nothing.

“It was nothing. I ain’t got much to speak on about it.”

Jayson Tatum explained this happens when you’re in this situation and this is how players are supposed to react to it.

“That’s team sports. We’re not supposed to be happy we’re down 0-2. Nothing out of the ordinary. Talking about the game. It’s cool.”

Head coach Brad Stevens also reflected on the situation, simply explaining emotions took over and led to this situation.

“Guys were emotional after a hard game, hard loss.”

The picture doesn’t look good for the Celtics. The Heat always find a way to dominate them and beat them; what it looked like a 2-0 series in their favor has turned the complete opposite. They need answers and they need them as soon as possible. Just like Brown said, they need to play with that fire the next game and show they’re not done yet.

Somebody had to say something after these painful losses and Smart was the one to do so. Now it’s time for his teammates to show how much they want to win.