The NBA trade deadline is coming up in a few weeks, which means that teams could be ramping up their trade talks, and working out deals for players that don’t fit their organization’s vision to move forward. The NBA is a league with a lot of player movement between teams, and there are usually some trades that are finalized closer to the deadline.

In this article, we will cover 30 players from all-round the league who could be traded until the deadline. They all have skills that could be useful for an NBA roster and are bound to have some trade interest around the league.


Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague is a solid backup point guard for the Boston Celtics. He is a former one-time All-Star, but in recent memory, his role has been to come off the bench and provide a solid veteran presence. The Celtics could elect to trade him as his defense doesn’t quite fit Brad Stevens’ system. A team that wants a solid player who knows how to run the offense could elect to try and get Jeff Teague before the deadline.


Kevin Knox

Under coach Tom Thibodeau’s mentorship, Kevin Knox has developed into a solid role player and is looking on track to becoming a solid shooter at the NBA level, posting 38.5% from beyond the arc. Kevin Knox is still young, and he could be included in a New York Knicks package for a player that could boost their playoff aspirations. Any team that wants a solid shooter would be interested in Knox.


P. J. Tucker

P. J. Tucker has been a solid role player during his time with the Houston Rockets. His switchability on the defensive end allowed the Houston Rockets to run small-ball during Mike D’Antoni’s tenure. A team that is interested in a veteran with amazing defense, floor spacing, and basketball IQ could make a play for Tucker. Tucker would be best served on a contender, where he can provide an elite option off the bench.


Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk is a solid center who can space the floor well. While he is subpar on the perimeter defensively, he could still provide value on a contender because of his ability to shoot the ball as a big man. Olynyk is also an expiring contract, which could be appealing to teams that are trying to shed salary before the deadline.


Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay is an athletic forward who has become an amazing high-effort bench player for the San Antonio Spurs. He is currently averaging 11.2 PPG with 36.6% from beyond the arc, showing his value as a floor spacer. On the defensive end, Gay would also be able to guard bigger wings like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. Rudy Gay could provide a solid depth option for any team trying to go deep in the playoffs.


Ivica Zubac

Ivica Zubac is a solid center who simply hasn’t gotten enough playing time with the Los Angeles Clippers. Ivica Zubac could be a good player given more than 19.4 MPG. Zubac would be promising on a rebuilding team, a team that would like to take a flyer on someone who could yet develop even further. Zubac rebounds and hustles, and that’s all you can ask out of a young center.


Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is a defensive pest who can absolutely hound opposing perimeter players. Beverley is also a solid shooter, averaging 43.6% from 3PT range this season. Beverley would be an amazing fit as a veteran on a team with younger stars, as he could instill a good culture in the locker room. Beverley’s defense is extremely valuable, and he leads by example on that end of the floor.


Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is a solid forward who has bionic athleticism: he is able to slash to the rim and dunk on most defenders. Kelly Oubre Jr. has shown some promise as a switchable defender and slasher. Oubre is an expiring contract which means he could be traded by Golden State in order to recoup some future assets or gain a good role player.


JJ Redick 

JJ Redick is a solid shooter, who hasn’t had the best year of his career, shooting only 35.1% from outside, a low mark by his standards. He averages 41.5% from beyond the arc for his career though, making him a valuable addition as a shooter. His ability to score off the ball while consistently moving on the offensive end makes him an appealing target for teams looking to win a championship.


Lou Williams

Lou Williams is a solid 6th man who has averaged a fairly low offensive output this season, only averaging 12.2 PPG, while eclipsing the 18.0 PPG mark in the last few seasons. Lou Williams is someone who could provide an offensive spark off the bench and has a smaller contract, making him a worthy risk for a team in need of supplemental scoring.


Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball is a promising young point guard who has a smaller role next to two budding superstars in Los Angeles. Ball provides elite defense and can smother smaller guards due to his size, while also being able to guard some wing player. Lonzo Ball is a solid 3 and D player with playmaking upside at the guard position and could be useful to any team in need of a defensive boost.


Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson is a promising player who has the size to switch 1-4 on the defensive end, but also amazing shooting ability (39.3% from 3PT range on the season). Robinson could be packaged by the Miami Heat in a deal for a bigger star. Duncan Robinson could put up more stats on a team where he’d get more offensive touches.


Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes is a solid forward who has some championship experience with the Golden State Warriors. Barnes would be a solid player who can shoot the ball, while also creating his own shot from the midrange. Any team that needs an experienced veteran who knows how to win should trade for Harrison Barnes.


Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield is a shooting guard that needs a change of scenery. Hield is an elite, high-volume 3PT shooter, having won the 3PT contest previously in his career, and being one of the pillars of the Sacramento Kings offense in recent memory. Buddy Hield would be best served on a team where he doesn’t have to create as many shots for himself: perhaps a contender who can utilize his catch and shoot ability.


Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is a solid forward who is notably known for his athleticism. Aaron Gordon provides a solid defensive forward who can switch onto most positions and provide spot shot creation. Gordon never became the star he was supposed to, but he could provide value to most teams as an athletic defender who can guard every position except center.


Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe is a veteran that the New Orleans Pelicans would likely trade. Bledsoe is a solid slasher who can get to the rim at will, and provide some quick offense off the bench. Any team that needs a reliable player to score off the bench while also being able to start at times should look into a deal for Bledsoe.


Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkanen is a promising young big man who has the athleticism to finish through contact and the shooting touch to space the floor at a high level. However, he is on an expiring contract with an extensive injury history. The Bulls could elect to trade him to avoid signing him to a high deal.


Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is a former All-Star who could be of use to any team that can match his contract. Griffin can do a little bit of everything: his scoring has taken a dip, but he is a good passer and defender. Hopefully, Griffin will be able to land with a team where he can compete in the playoffs, and provide his veteran knowledge.


Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo is a solid two-way guard who once took LeBron James himself to seven games. While injuries have reduced some of his athleticism, Oladipo is still a solid combo guard who can score and set up his teammates. Oladipo would be best served on a team where he could compete, and show the world that he is still a star player. He is on an expiring contract, making it easier to trade him.


Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro is a promising young piece who has increased his scoring average from last season. He was the No. 2 option behind Jimmy Butler scoring-wise during their Finals run, making him a valuable trade asset. Herro is only getting traded if the Miami Heat decide to give him up for a bonafide superstar.


Kevin Love

Kevin Love is a former All-Star who has won a championship. The Cavaliers could elect to try and unload his massive contract. Love is a solid big man who can space the floor and provide experience: he could be traded to a rebuilding team that won’t care about his big contract in the near future


LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge is a solid veteran who is on an expiring contract. Aldridge is a former All-Star who has some elite shot creation in the midrange area, while also being able to shoot from beyond the arc. LaMarcus Aldridge could be a solid piece on a contender, where he can focus on defense and being a supplementary option on the offensive end.


John Collins

John Collins is a solid forward who has looked like a future star at times. Collins is a walking double-double, and he can shoot the 3PT shot fairly well off the catch. As Collins will be demanding a huge contract at the end of the season, the Atlanta Hawks could elect to trade him for future assets, while landing Collins with a team that is willing to pay him the max at the end of the season.


Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is a solid point guard who is currently the third option on the Boston Celtics. Walker has been inconsistent since his injury, and the Boston Celtics could package Walker with some of their younger players in order to trade for a star. Walker would provide scoring for any team which elects to trade for him: scoring is his best attribute.


Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is an aging point guard who is in the twilight of his career: Lowry is a championship winner and is a point guard who can do anything on the floor, including the ability to take a charge against bigger players. Lowry is a solid floor general that could provide a better rhythm to any offense. At this stage, only championship or playoffs contenders will be interested in Lowry.


Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is one of the most underrated players in the league. Drummond has lead the league in rebounding multiple times during his career, and his defense is rarely talked about. Drummond could either be traded or ask for a buyout. His best fit via trade would have to be a team that needs a dominant center to succeed, such as the Toronto Raptors.


DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is a midrange maestro that is also an elite passer, averaging a career-high 6.9 APG. DeMar DeRozan is on an expiring contract, and he could be useful for a team that needs a shot creator and a solid passer. DeRozan would likely be traded by the San Antonio Spurs if they decide to go all-in on the rebuild.


Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Vucevic has been the beneficiary of high usage during his time with the Orlando Magic, posting elite offensive numbers in the last few seasons. Vucevic could be a player that gets more star power to a contender, as Vucevic can score from anywhere on the court, and space the floor around a main ball handler. Vucevic could be traded in a deal to a championship contender that needs more star power to create a super team.


Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine is establishing himself as a superstar with the Chicago Bulls, averaging a career-high 28.2 PPG. Zach LaVine has elite athleticism and the ability to score from anywhere, meaning that he could be a great perimeter creator on a team with the defensive framework to put around him. Zach LaVine would be a good addition to any team that needs more offensive firepower.


Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal is the best offensive player on this list. He is leading the league in scoring with 33.1 PPG and is a bonafide superstar. The Wizards are one of the worst teams in the league, and Bradley Beal could decide that it is finally time for him to try and compete for a championship. A Bradley Beal trade package would be huge. But if he demands out, then trading him early will be a good option for the Wizards’ franchise.


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