Andre Drummond is a former All-Star that has almost been forgotten on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Drummond has been a subject of many trade rumors in recent times, as the Cleveland Cavaliers have been actively looking for a trade that would involve the veteran center. Andre Drummond would provide a great inside presence for any team. Andre Drummond is the best rebounder in the league, and he would bring value to any contender.

Andre Drummond would make sense for a lot of teams. Recently, Jason Lloyd of The Athletic has mentioned some teams that would be good options for Drummond in case of a buyout. NBA Central reported on his words:

The three teams mentioned by Lloyd are all trying to contend for a championship, and are all teams led by high-profile superstars. Andre Drummond would be a good addition to any contender, as his defense and rebounding are on an elite level. If Drummond does end up getting bought out, then a team where he can show his abilities in a winning environment just makes sense.

The Milwaukee Bucks have already traded for Jrue Holiday in the offseason. They could add even more talent and depth by signing Andre Drummond. Drummond would be able to pay next to MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and join a solid supporting cast on a team built to maximize Antetokounmpo’s talents. Andre Drummond could provide somebody that could help guard Joel Embiid in the playoffs. Brook Lopez would likely remain a starter due to his ability to space the floor, but Drummond could easily become a high-energy backup.

On the Miami Heat, Andre Drummond would likely be a solid backup for Bam Adebayo. Having a former All-Star become the sixth man on a team is a luxury, and Drummond could easily help a defensive-minded team like the Miami Heat get out of their slump. The Miami Heat’s priority now would be an addition that could help them get out of the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference and back into the playoffs. Andre Drummond would add a solid injection of talent to the roster, and playing for a franchise like the Miami Heat while also being in a contract year, could motivate Drummond to do his best in order to compete while being able to earn a future long-term deal.

The Los Angeles Lakers would make a sensible destination for Andre Drummond. LeBron James has notably done well with athletic centers like Andre Drummond (Dwight Howard, Tristan Thompson). Drummond would fill an immediate need as a bigger body that the Los Angeles Lakers can pair with Anthony Davis in order to guard big men like Nikola Jokic or Deandre Ayton. Andre Drummond’s ability to protect the rim would improve the Los Angeles defense. Montrezl Harrell is an elite big man, but his value comes from the offensive end: Drummond would be a player the Lakers could use when an inside defender is needed. Drummond could play a minor role on the Los Angeles Lakers, building his value as part of a championship core next to two superstars.

The Brooklyn Nets are perhaps the most interesting destination for Andre Drummond. The Brooklyn Nets offer the opportunity for heavy minutes and the opportunity for a championship. Adding Andre Drummond to Brooklyn’s current team would give them a superteam for this season, as Andre Drummond would immediately shore up their center position. While he wouldn’t get the same freedom on offense as he would during his time in Detroit and Cleveland, he would get to play with some of the best players in the game and compete for his first championship. On the Nets, Andre Drummond would be able to focus on rebounding and defense while finishing easy feeds from playmakers like James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

If Andre Drummond is bought out, he can take his talents to a team that would give him a solid role and an opportunity to win. Hopefully, Andre Drummond is able to go to a solid franchise, and prove his ability in a contract year.


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