Paul Pierce Was Wildin' On IG Live With A Bunch Hot Girls Dancing Around Him

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Paul Pierce Was Wildin' On IG Live With A Bunch Hot Girls Dancing Around Him

Paul Pierce is under fire once again but this time, it has nothing to do with his hot takes and his constant criticism for LeBron James. The Boston Celtics icon has become a known name for his raising-eyebrows opinions and now he's doing raising-eyebrows antics out of ESPN, where he currently works.

Friday was a very interesting day for him, who went on Instagram Live with his friends as they played some cards. That's completely normal; just the guy playing with some friends but Pierce wanted to take everything to the next level and he called some strippers to dance for him and the rest of the crew.

It's mandatory to say that this man has a wife and a family but that didn't stop him from doing this and put it all on Instagram Live, where over 300 people watched him wilding.

Of course, the NBA world reacted to it, reminding Pierce that his current employers wouldn't be happy with his behavior and making a lot of memes about it. Even Bradley Beal had something to say about Pierce's incident.

Social media and NBA players aren't getting along so well in recent times. Earlier this week, Kevin Durant was exposed sending a lot of messages to actor Michael Rapaport and the 2x NBA champion was fined $50K for his comments.

Now Pierce could be on the hot seat after his IG live and this won't probably be the last time we hear about this situation. At least, you could say The Truth was having a very good time.