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Spud Webb Was Named Coach Of A Stripper Basketball Team During The NBA Lockout In 2011

Spud Webb Was Named Coach To A Stripper Basketball Team During The NBA Lockout In 2011

The year 2011 saw the NBA going into a lockout after the players and owners didn't agree on terms for a new collective bargaining agreement. We had to wait a couple of months before the league started a new season, on Christmas Day, leading to many crazy ideas to fill the void. 

Everybody tried to cash in on the league's suspension, and one strip club came up with an interesting idea. A club called Rick's Cabaret decided to create a stripper league, aiming high and bringing a former NBA player as head coach and consultant/advisor. 

They even released a statement to announce Webb's arrival to coach the New York-based team.

Via Busted Coverage

Rick’s Cabaret introduced Webb to the media at a news conference at the New York City club today, at which he put his team through a practice session in front of the stage where they normally dance. The New York team is expected to play games shortly against the Minneapolis Downtown Cabaret and Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami.

Webb even appeared in videos talking about his new job, praising some girls for their talents. 

However, a couple of days later, the former Atlanta Hawks player announced he wouldn't coach the team. TMZ Sports reported that the former Slam Dunk champion said he appeared in an announcement that was taken out of context. 

"Contrary to reports, Spud Webb will not be coaching the Rick's Cabaret/New York Stripper Basketball Team." 

Webb was really close to becoming a head coach in this interesting league, but something happened and changed his mind. It would have been good to see how that situation developed and if the man could take his squad to win a championship. 

Instead, the NBA returned, and whatever plans people had to overshadow the association vanished. We had a terrific season where LeBron James won his first NBA champion, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Finals. 

**Credit for the idea: Jeremy Julian**