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Tristan Thompson Has Just Offered One Of The Worst Excuses Imaginable For Cheating On Khloe Kardashian


When the evidence is stacked against you, there's not a lot you can say to explain the mistake of cheating on a loved one.

That statement only becomes truer the more famous you are, and when you happen to be a millionaire basketball player who is expecting a child with one of America's most famous families, there's not a lot of privacy to be had in any facet of your life.

If you haven't heard by now, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson cheated on his girlfriend and expectant mother of his child in early April, and was exposed after videotape of Thompson's makeout session with two women in New York was posted online.

Thompson was rightfully vilified from basketball and Kardashian fans alike, and after some of the heat has died down, a source close to Thompson told US Magazinethat Thompson felt "pressured" into cheating with other women due to an "unspoken NBA rule."

“Tristan explained to Khloé that there were women constantly throwing themselves at him, and he felt pressure to not refuse them because it’s the unspoken rule in the NBA that players hook-up with groupies on the road.”

Okay so either A) Tristan Thompson is a massive liar and is just trying to excuse his bad behavior or B) Thompson pretty much just ratted out half of the NBA for cheating on their significant others. Either way, nice going Tristan!