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Zion Williamson Caught Sliding Into Fitness Model's DM: 'Do You Still Want To Link?'

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Zion Williamson was apparently exposed, trying to get the attention of a fitness Instagram model. The New Orleans Pelicans young star is trying to live his life, shooting his shot with beautiful girls on social media. 

Recently, one fitness model showed some Zion messages on Snapchat, with the sophomore asking her if she wanted to link up. This video is very short, but that didn't matter for fans who made it viral. Now, everybody is talking about Williamson's adventures on the internet. 

The lady in question, Morgan Davis, made it clear that she didn't expose Zion. Instead, she blamed her brother for trying to get attention with a Tik Tok video. 


It's not surprising to see this nowadays. When you talk about a high-profile name like Williamson, you know people will pay attention. However, the player received the fans' support, diminishing the whole situation and making jokes about it. 

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This is not confirmed, though. Some say Zion's bitmoji is different on Snapchat, which makes the situation even weirder. The Pelican starred in a similar situation two years ago, trying to get into his bedroom

Morgan is a pretty good girl and it's likely that somehow she caught Zion's attention. Still, this situation got out of control really quickly. 

While other people try to bash him, Zion is getting ready for the 2021/22 NBA season. His Pelicans will try to finally make the playoff after a couple of rocky campaigns. Williamson will try to bring some help and make it to the big party in a stacked Western Conference.