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The Top 10 Best Dribblers In NBA 2K23: Kyrie Irving Will Break A Lot Of Ankles With A 99 Rating

The Top 10 Best Dribblers In NBA 2K23: Kyrie Irving Will Break A Lot Of Ankles With A 99 Rating

Dribbling is arguably the most fundamental attribute in basketball. If you can't reliably get the ball to hit the floor and come back into your hand, the chances of you playing basketball are very slim. Every NBA player is a great dribbler by the standards of the common person, but there are different levels to mastery with the ball in your hand at the NBA level.

Many guards in the league pride themselves on their ability to handle and control the ball. Some guards are smaller and are devilishly quick with a handle that makes their dribble moves almost unguardable. There are also bigger players that don't have the same athleticism to have a quick first step and humiliate a defender, but they are incredibly reliable at creating their own shot and getting other players open.  

The current generation of guards in the NBA are arguably one of the most skilled bunch in history. Ball handling has evolved so much over the years that modern players have been able to build off moves mastered by that of a previous generation and add more flair to them. But who does NBA 2K23 think has the best dribbling ability in today's NBA?

The Best Ball-Handlers According To NBA 2K23

Kyrie Irving is often put up with the all-time greats when it comes to dribbling. The guard has some of the best handles ever seen in the game and even with his lack of play over the last few seasons, NBA 2K23 is comfortable in declaring him the reigning king of dribbling in the NBA, closely followed by Stephen Curry and James Harden.

1. Kyrie Irving - 99

T2. Stephen Curry - 97

T2. James Harden - 97

T4. Luka Doncic - 95

T4. Ja Morant - 95

T4. Damian Lillard - 95

T7. Chris Paul - 93

T7. Trae Young - 93

T9. Kevin Durant - 92

T9. Devin Booker - 92


Irving's handles have been placed on a pedestal for years now and he will go down as the best dribbler of this generation. Stephen Curry and James Harden have entirely different dribbling skill-sets compared to Irving but have always been lethal with the ball. Luka Doncic has a complex dribble package that keeps defenders guessing and his ability to keep the ball in his grip on drives through double-teams is incredibly impressive.

The only forward to make this list is Kevin Durant, who doesn't use his dribble like most of the other guards do. He is masterful at creating shots for himself and has control over the ball that we have never seen from someone of his height. All these players are incredibly fun to use in 2K and the differences are minor in the game. However, in real-life, these players have extremely different ways of dribbling the ball and using it in real game situations. 


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