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76ers President Daryl Morey Delivers Savage Response To Tyronn Lue's Comments On Joel Embiid And James Harden: "Clippers' Offense Would Rank 30th Without Free Throws..."

Daryl Morey

After their matchup on Friday, Clippers coach Tyronn Lue did not hold back in his chat with the media.

Talking about free throws, he took a shot at Joel Embiid and James Harden, seemingly doubting their ability to score without getting to the line.

Here's what he said:

Embiid is #1 in the league in free throws and James Harden is #3. You take away their free throws and neither guy would be top-10 in scoring.”

The duo combined for 19 free throw attempts that night, nearly the same number shot by the entire Clippers team. It wasn't just that game, either.

Both Embiid and Harden have made a habit of getting to the line frequently, and both are in the top 3 for free throws attempted this season.

Still, Sixers President Daryl Morey couldn't let Lue's comment slide. In a savage tweet, he clapped back at the Clippers coach in epic fashion.

@LAClippers offense would rank 30th without free throws Say it with me again - players are fouled because the other team cannot stop them... h/t r/sixers

At this point, there is no questioning that Morey is one of the best executives in basketball. Besides taking savage digs on Twitter, he knows how to put his team in a position to win.

His finest piece of work came in February when he pulled off the master deal that netted James Harden.

"We offered one first for that player, they said no, and I got a little bothered with the GM I’m like, ‘This guy’s never gonna give this player up.’ But I’m just gonna offer two firsts to see what happens and very quickly, he’s like no to two firsts," said Morey, explaining negotiations. "This is a player by the way that every every 2K player, Colin Cowherd, Nick Wright, every human on Earth would have said ‘Oh my God. You have to give that player up for two firsts.’ So I just did it just to like see and he said no, immediately. So fast forward to the final day. We’re debating two firsts and of our great front office people were like ‘Like three days ago, we couldn’t even get this player for two firsts. Why are we debating this? Why are we even talking about this? We can get James Harden! He’s a Hall of Fame player and we’re worried about a first in the future that’s protected.’ That’s the thing. I am very careful. I’ve never given up unprotected future firsts. I think that can hurt franchises, but protected firsts, so even if things fall apart in 2085 or whatever when we give it up, it won’t be a pick in the top of the draft."

Since the move, the 76ers have looked like one of the best teams in basketball. With the Ben Simmons saga over, and Harden ready to co-lead with Joel Embiid, Philly is in a better place than they've been in years.

Morey played a huge hand in it all, and it's clear that he believes in their success.

Before long, we will see if his faith pays off.