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Anfernee Simons' Beautiful Girlfriend Bre Hudson Stuns Fans After Slam Dunk Contest

Anfernee Simons’ Beautiful Girlfriend Bre Hudson Stuns Fans After Slam Dunk Contest

Portland Trail Blazers young star Anfernee Simons did his thing on Sunday, winning the 2021 edition of the Slam Dunk Contest. The competition suffered some changes; it took place in the halftime of the All-Star Game and only three players participated.

In the end, Simmons beat Obi Toppin and Cassius Stanley to get the trophy on a very good night for him. Moreover, NBA fans learned that he was a two-time winner a couple of hours later when his girlfriend, Bre Hudson, shared some pics with the guard, celebrating his victory. The photos caught the attention of fans, who had something to say about the lady and her boyfriend.

While some used really rude words and said she looked like his mom, others congratulated the couple and wished them all the best. Some fans pointed out how pretty Bre is and congratulated Simons for his 'two victories' on Sunday night.

In case you don't remember this lady, she was the one who appeared with Simons in an IG live with Damian Lillard, where the veteran trolled the young player and his workout routine.

Dame: Oh okay. H-Town! Okay. So you uhh.. okay so now you spendin’ a lil’ bit of money, you done flew her out. -bust out laughing-

Bre: Oh my… -chuckle-

Anfernee: Aye bruh. -chuckle-

Dame: -still laughing-

Bre: Uh-uh. -chuckle-

Dame: Bruh you flew her out, bruh you got the crib in Santa Barbara, damn look at my boy growin’ up!

Anfernee: Bruh, I’m out here workin’ out, man. I’m out here tryna get better.

Dame: Aye, you workin’ out all right. -bust out laughing-

Anfernee: -chuckle- S’wrong witchu bruh.

Things are going just fine for the couple and they hope they continue like that. Simons is a very promising talent around the league and if he keeps working on his game, the Blazers will have more chances to compete in the West, even if Dame Dolla decides to retire from the game.