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Anthony Davis: "My Training Methods Were Top-Tier... I Know What I Do Every Summer To Get Ready For An 82-Game Season."

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is an elite big man that can dominate a game on both ends of the floor. There's no questioning his talent level, and we've seen him deliver on the highest stage in the playoffs.

However, one of the fair criticisms of Anthony Davis is his durability. Many have suggested that he should change aspects of his training. However, Anthony Davis has recently pushed back on that idea, claiming that his training methods "were top-tier". Dave McMenamin of ESPN relayed the news.

When asked if the extended offseason will allow Davis, 29, to re-evaluate his training methods in hopes of staying healthy in the future, the big man pushed back.

"No," Davis said. "To be honest, my training methods were top tier. I can't control stepping on someone's foot and I can't control someone falling into my leg. It's not like I'm out of shape and I f---ing did some crazy s--- or it was anything I could control."

Davis believes his approach to training has only helped him, not hurt him.

"The good thing is, what people don't know, is that the doctors actually told me that you're lucky. Our team doctor said if you weren't doing the work that you were supposed to be doing this summer, both could have been worse," Davis said.

"I could have one, f---ed up my foot way more. Or I could have torn some s--- in my knee. So it's a positive for me, knowing that I put in a lot of work this summer and I prevented catastrophic injuries from happening to my body.

"So, people can say what they want to say, but I know what I do every summer to get ready for an 82-game season."

Anthony Davis has missed quite some time with injuries this season, but as he mentions, his injuries were accidents that were caused by outside factors, rather than him being out of shape. Hopefully, he simply has better injury luck next season.

The Los Angeles Lakers will need Anthony Davis to play at a superstar level next season. There have been some rumors about potentially trading him, but the optimal course of action would be retaining Anthony Davis and running it back with some well-fitting players next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.