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Anthony Edwards Says He Wants To Be The Face Of The NBA In 5 Years: "I Want To Have A Couple Of MVPs And Have A Ring, I Would Expect To Go To The Finals For Sure."

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards came in as the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft, with some question marks over how his talents would translate to the NBA. Edwards answered those emphatically though, earning a selection to the All-Rookie first team with his excellent performances. Edwards became just the 4th player after LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Luka Doncic to record at least 2,000 points, 400 rebounds and 300 assists in his first 100 NBA games. 

And the one thing that has propelled Edwards to his achievements is his obvious belief in himself, the 20-year-old has the sort of confidence that comes with being able to back up your words. And now, Ant has outlined his ambitious plan for the next 5 years, telling Bleacher Report that he wants to go to the NBA finals at least once and win a ring in the process.

"In five years, I want to be the face of the league and have a couple of MVPs by then and have a ring. In five years, I would expect to go to the Finals for sure"

Considering that the Timberwolves have been to the Western Conference Finals just once in their entire history, this seems like a very difficult ambition to turn into a reality. The only MVP in Wolves history was Kevin Garnett, so if Edwards can even manage one of these things, it would put him in rare company. Ant may have a lot of belief in himself but the things he is hoping to achieve have rarely ever happened in Minnesota.

The Wolves currently hold a 25-25 record after 50 games this season, and to his credit, Edwards is playing at a high level. He is averaging nearly 23 points a game and if he can lead Minnesota to the playoffs, it would be an ideal start to his 5-year plan. While some fans and media members may scoff at his claims, sports is nothing but unpredictable, the Phoenix Suns have provided an excellent example for teams that are at the bottom but want to get to the very top. If nothing else, Edwards certainly has the talent to turn his aims into reality.