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Basketball-Reference Added “Pandemic P” As One Of Paul George's Official Nicknames

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Paul George lived very hard moments in recent days since he went through a shooting slump that earned him a lot of bad comments and criticism around the league. After Game 5 of the Los Angeles Clippers-Dallas Mavericks series, things have apparently gotten back to normal, but that hasn't prevented people from keep trolling PG.

During this slump, fans started calling George 'Pandemic P', mocking his self-imposed nickname of 'Playoff P.' That should be normal, fans do that all the time, but things got a little out of control when Basketball-Reference, the top site in NBA statistics, scores, and history, added 'Pandemic P' as one of PG's official nicknames. The site has earned a reputation of adding nicknames that no one except for them heard.

Well, this was heard and seen by a lot of people, but it was just a joke. However, you could say 'Playoff P' was a joke, too, and they still added it. The nickname appeared on PG's page but the site removed it after a while.

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One fan took a screenshot and it's going viral on Twitter.

Hopefully, PG will see how people stop calling him 'Pandemic P' and start acknowledging him as 'Playoff P' once and for all.

The Clippers return to action tomorrow when they will try to finish the job against the always dangerous Dallas Mavericks of Luka Doncic.