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Bobby Portis Trolls Chicago Bulls After Tweet: "Blink Twice If You Need Help"

Bobby Portis Trolls Chicago Bulls After Tweet: "Blink Twice If You Need Help"

The Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls could be brewing a new rivalry in the Eastern Conference with the latest events between these two franchises. The 2021 NBA champions handled the Bulls on Friday night, getting a 94-90 win at Fiserv Forum to continue boosting their standings in the Eastern Conference. 

In the middle of the game, Grayson Allen injured Alex Caruso, starting a feud between franchises that won't stop anytime soon, knowing that they are highly likely to meet in the 2022 playoffs. 

The battle went from the court to social media, where Bobby Portis got involved and trolled his former team. Twitter account Bulls Talk tried to mess with Portis, asking him to blink twice if he needed to be rescued from Milwaukee, but Bobby wasn't having any of that. 

He replied by posting a meme of Squidward, with his eyes wide open, dressed up as Portis. 

Bobby lived tumultuous moments in the Windy City, namely his infamous fight with Nikola Mirotic. Following his exit from the organization, he made it clear he had nothing wrong to say about the Bulls. 

It seems like he found his place in the world in Milwaukee and nothing is changing that anytime soon. Bobby was a key piece in the Bucks' success last season and he's trying to do the same in 2022. 

The bucks and Bulls are now beefing after Allen hurt Caruso. These two could clash in the postseason, in a series that would be incredibly fun to watch. We come from duels between Michael Jordan and Sidney Moncrief to a renewed rivalry between Chicago and Milwaukee. 

These two will clash on March 4 again, and we're ready to see the Bulls fans welcoming the Bucks with as much hostility as possible.