Bradley Beal Gives Motivational Speech To Young Hoopers: "You Walk Around Moping And Pouting Around They Gonna Ship Yo A*s Off Or They Gonna Waive Your Mutha F*ckin A*s."

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(via NY Daily News)

(via NY Daily News)

NBA star Bradley Beal has always been described as a great leader and motivator for his team. Even amid the Wizards' struggles, he always steps up to the plate and is willing to take responsibility.

In a recent speech to his AAU squad, the NBA star gave us all a glimpse into his mindset, telling the youngsters the importance of working hard and staying focused while motivating them to rise to the challenge and prove their game.

"You walk around moping and pouting around, either one or two things will happen: they gonna ship yo a*s off or they gonna wave your mutha f*ckin a*s and you ain't have no job. Here's your money we don't even want you. Those are two options you have..."

It was a pretty awesome message from Beal, and even fans in the comments seemed to be drawing some motivation from it.

Let's hope a similar message can be used by the star to help launch his team back into playoff contention.