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Brian Scalabrine Picks The Milwaukee Bucks To Repeat: "They're Just Going To Get Better."

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Giannis Antetokounmpo helped the Milwaukee Bucks win a championship in 2021, their first since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for the franchise. The Bucks shook off their playoff demons and managed to show the world that they weren't just a regular-season team like many analysts thought.

Even though they are the reigning champions, there has not been a lot of talk about the Milwaukee Bucks repeating. A lot of the attention has been focused on the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets, both of whom have stacked rosters with a lot of star power.

With that being said, there are definitely some people who are favoring the Milwaukee Bucks as the 2021-22 champions. Former Celtics player and analyst Brian Scalabrine has recently picked the Milwaukee Bucks to repeat, claiming that the team is "just going to get better".

If you watch their team, they're more poised, they have better spacing. They're more confident, Giannis seems like a more confident player. No matter what, you have to put two on him, and he's a willing passer. That's gonna lead to open shots. You're still have to deal with that guy right there.

The Nets, they're an amazing offensive team. But there's gonna be a lot of conversations about Kyrie. A lot of conversations about what to do, should they trade him, and do they need him to get over that hump.

Watching the Bucks. Bobby Portis didn't play. They're gonna get DiVincenzo back. They're just going to get better as that season goes along. I'm picking them to repeat... They look poised to have a very good defending champ, and that is because I think the personality of their superstar.

The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Brooklyn Nets in their first game of the season, and while that is only one game, it was clear that the Milwaukee Bucks were playing confident basketball.

It remains to be seen if the Milwaukee Bucks will in fact repeat, but there are definitely a few reasons they could be considered the best team in the NBA. Hopefully, they have a good season, and perhaps we could see Scalabrine's prediction come true.