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Byron Scott Isn't Sold On The Los Angeles Clippers: "I'm Not Gonna Give Them Any Props Until They Win Something."


The Los Angeles Clippers have been a solid team since Steve Ballmer took over the franchise. They have consistently been a playoff team during that time, and some believe that they can win the title during the 2022-23 season.

In fact, Draymond Green has claimed that the Los Angeles Clippers will be the biggest threat to the Golden State Warriors next season. He lauded Ty Lue in particular, claiming that Lue is "arguably the best" coach in the league.

"Ty Lue is arguably one of the best coaches in the NBA arguably the best.. and then they have great players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George... The guys that they are filling in with... Robert Covington and Norman Powell, already have Marcus Morris there and Reggie Jackson, they are a real threat.. that's a real threat and a problem." 

It is clear that the Los Angeles Clippers have a good coach and many talented players on the roster. How they will gel and build chemistry will be key for them, but on paper, they have enough to get it done.

Byron Scott Isn't A Believer In The Los Angeles Clippers' Chances

Despite how good the Los Angeles Clippers seem, there are people who don't believe in them. The Los Angeles Clippers have not yet won a championship during the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George era.

Byron Scott has recently revealed that he's not sold on the Los Angeles Clippers, claiming that he won't "give them any props" until they actually win an NBA championship. Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints relayed the news.

With Leonard and George back healthy, many expect the Clippers to push the Warriors for the NBA Championship. Byron Scott is not at all sold.

“Ehh, they’re alright,” Scott said mockingly. “I mean, they’re the Clippers, let’s just put it that way. I’m not gonna give them any props until they win something. Simple as that.

“What we got, 17? Oh, okay. I just want them to win one. Just one. Then we can talk.”

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Clippers have to prove that they can actually win with all the talent that they have. Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell are the only two players that have won at the highest level on the roster, and it is clear that their championship experience will be very important next year.

At the end of the day, though, the Los Angeles Clippers' hopes will depend on Kawhi Leonard. If the superstar is healthy, they could be an elite team. Hopefully, we see Kawhi Leonard play a full season and lead them on a deep playoff run.