Cade Cunningham Says He Wants To Be The Greatest Shooting Guard Of All Time

cade cunningham

Cade Cunningham is projected to be the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Generally speaking, a lot of No. 1 picks are selected due to their immense talent, and with that talent, they likely have personal aspirations and goals for their career. 

There is a good chance that Cade Cunningham will have a good NBA career, but it seems though he has higher goals than just "good" for his career. In a recent episode of The Old Man And The Three podcast, Cade Cunningham told JJ Redick about his goals for his first season and his career, and it seems as though he wants to become the greatest at his position, which would suggest that he

I want to make the playoffs in my first year - I want to be in that race for sure. Then, rookie of the year is a definite. Second year I want to be an all-star, if not snubbed. Then the greatest of all time at my position, whatever you want to call my position.

Cunningham's position is listed as PG/SG, but as he is 6'8, he will likely be a SG. Being the greatest at his position would mean he has to surpass legends such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. While those are lofty goals, it is good to see Cade Cunningham confident in his abilities. There's no doubt that Cade Cunningham could develop to be special, and hopefully, he is put in the position to do so.