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Carmelo Anthony Confronted Cory Joseph During Lakers-Pistons Brawl: "Why You Over Here?"

Carmelo Anthony Confronted Cory Joseph During Lakers-Pistons Brawl: "Why You Over Here?"

The brawl between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons is still being talked about, as the NBA world is understanding the ramifications of the incident that took place during Sunday night's game. One of the more violent incidents in recent memory will be remembered for the foreseeable future. 

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart got into a scuffle after LeBron James hit Stewart in the face during a free-throw box-out scuffle. Stewart was furious with James and tried physically confronting him on numerous occasions, which led to a brawl between both teams breaking out.

James and Stewart have both been suspended, for one and two games respectively. But cameras missed one of LeBron's teammates standing up for him. That would be his close friend Carmelo Anthony. Anthony confronted Cory Joseph of the Pistons and asked why he was still around them.

Clearly, Anthony was trying to settle the situation, while also sticking up for his teammate and friend. And he wasn't going to allow another opposition player to unnecessarily increase the tension on the court at that time. Joseph was clamoring for other Lakers' stars to be penalized, and Melo wasn't having.

James himself tried to settle the situation, even seeking out Isaiah Stewart to trying and apologize and express to him that the hit was not intentional. Whether the apology has reached Stewart and he has accepted has not been revealed to the public as of this writing.

Going forward, the Lakers will be hoping to put this situation behind them. But actually, Kendrick Perkins believes that this will be the incident that helps rally the Lakers and unite them, allowing them to take their play to another level and become the championship contenders they were supposed to be.