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Carmelo Anthony Criticizes The Lakers After Embarrassing Loss To Bulls: "I Don't Think You're Gonna Beat Anybody Shooting 6-For-32 In Today's Game."

Carmelo Anthony Criticizes The Lakers after Embarrassing Loss To Bulls: "I Don't Think You're Gonna Beat Anybody Shooting 6-For-32 In Today's Game."

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered an embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bulls on Monday night, destroying the good things they showed against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday evening. 

You can say Anthony Davis' ejection had something to do with that, but AD left the game when the Bulls were up by 20 points. It wasn't like he would make a big difference, but some folks try to get some consolation in that fact. 

On the other hand, Carmelo Anthony had big things to say about this result, claiming that they need to do better from the 3-point lane. Unless the purple and gold make their shots, things will get worse for them and nobody will save them. 

After the game, Melo reflected on the 121-103 loss, saying they had good looks, but the shots didn't fall. This is a big job for the Lakers if they want to succeed this campaign. 

Via Daniel Starkand of Lakers Nation:

"I don't think you're gonna beat anybody shooting 6-for-32 from three in today's game. So we can talk about all the things that went on tonight, but when you shoot 6-for-32 from three, you're not gonna beat anybody unless you're just on it, you're on point in every other aspect of the game... So there's no excuses for that, we shot 18% tonight from three. If we can make a couple more threes, the game might change. But it's not one of those nights. It's just one of those nights where you're getting a lot of the looks and we weren't making the shots that we were taking. I don't know what else to say about that, you just can't beat a team when you go 6-for-32 from three. Not in today's game."

It was another bad night for the 17-time NBA champions. Even though referees seem to have made a mistake by ejecting Davis, the team didn't show their best face, blowing a big chance to make a statement by beating one of the best teams in the league this season. 

They maintained the 7th position in the Western Conference standings, but that is too low for the expectations the Lakers had entering this season. Frank Vogel needs to make some magic to make this team competitive while LeBron James is sidelined. The picture doesn't look promising for the Lakers and they must do something quickly to turn things around.