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Clippers Star Paul George Gets Heavy Boos From NFL Fans During Chargers Game In Los Angeles

Clippers Star Paul George Gets Heavy Boos From NFL Fans During Chargers Game In Los Angeles

The NFL season is officially underway, and football fans from all over the country have been filling the stadiums for opening week.

For Clippers star Paul George, he spent his evening attending the Chargers game in Los Angeles today, seemingly in a show of support for another L.A. pro team.

The good news is that the chargers walked away with the win over Vegas, ending with a final score of 24-19. The bad news is that George wasn't received very well by the fans, who greeted him with heavy boos, despite being a Los Angeles basketball star.

The Los Angeles Clippers are not a franchise that is used to success. In fact, throughout most of their history, they have struggled to stay relevant in the Western Conference.

Can Paul George Lead The Clippers To A Title This Season?

But Paul George (along with Kawhi Leonard) helped to change that for the Clippers. While they still have a lot to prove in terms of winning in the postseason, Clippers fans have a lot of reasons to be pleased with PG's production, especially offensively.

Despite this, the NBA community seems to have taken a disliking towards George and he is often the subject of jokes and trolls on Twitter. That clip of him being booed by the same fans he plays for sums up the situation perfectly.

So, what can he do to win over the hearts of Los Angeles natives? The simple answer is that he'll have to dominate on the basketball court. If PG is able to stay healthy and return to his MVP-like form, it could be all he needs to regain the respect that he has somehow lost.

Either way, the Clippers will need him at his best if they want any shot of coming out of the West.

Paul George is another whose influence cannot be overstated. PG may not be the Top 10 player he once was during his Pacers days, but he remains one of the best two-way players in the league. But he has received the highest praise from NBA champion Andre Iguodala, who has said he's the second most talented player in the league on the Point Forward podcast.

"I'm still a fan of Paul George. Paul George, the second most talented player in the league to me. He got it all. I think that would be a good matchup. Battle of LA must-see TV as well."

Paul George used to be a favorite among the fans. Back in Indiana, and even OKC, he was adored and revered for his hard work and approach to the game.

But since arriving in L.A., he has moved like a man with a chip on his shoulder. At the Chargers game on Sunday, he got a little taste of his haters, most of which are probably Lakers fans.

The best way to stick it to them is with an explosive performance this season.