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Dennis Rodman Reveals 10 Things He Can't Live Without

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman will go down in the history books as one of the most controversial players in NBA history. He is one of the people that remain on Scottie Pippen's good side, given his recent attack on former teammate Michael Jordan and active NBA players.

While Dennis is known as one of the greatest rebounders in league history, people might remember him more for his lifestyle choices. He once missed practice during the 1998 NBA Finals to become a wrestler with Hulk Hogan but made the game-winning shot in Game 4 of the series.

Although he learned most of the things he knew as a basketball player during the Detroit Piston's Bad Boys era, he was more successful with Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. He was a key role player on their journey to three titles from 1996-1998.

GQ had a sitdown with Rodman and got him to divulge the ten things he cannot live without.

The Hall of Famer kicked off the list with Montecristo cigars, stating that it is one of his favorite things in the world besides his kids. The next item on his list, which is said is top two, is Pearl Jam's lyrics to the song "Black." Rodman spoke on how the lyrics to the song was the main factor that helped him overcome suicidal thoughts.

The 60-year-old went on his list his piercing as another item he can't live without, followed by his official Rodman Brand T-shirts.

A lot of NBA players go out of shape after retiring, but not Rodman. He has his exercise bands handy, stating that he has been actively using them for 20 years.

Next on the list is foundations. Who would have thought? But given Rodman's lifestyle, it makes sense to have a foundation handy, especially when he is trying to conceal events (what many might consider "bad decisions") of the night before.

To conclude the list, he named his signature Black Flys sunglasses, a testosterone booster called "Man TF Up", his bracelets, and a moisturizer, Facial Fuel. 

Rodman has a unique style, which earned him the Style Icon of the Year award on GQ. Although he's not as agile as he once was, Rodman still parties hard when the opportunity presents.

Credit: GQ