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Draymond Green After His Junior Year High School State Championship: "Can't Nobody Mess With Us"


Draymond Green has a well-known play style, but he is also famous for the way he talks to either defend his teammates, himself or to call out other people on and off the court. 

One would imagine this happened while he was in college or after he landed in the NBA. Yet, old footage shows that Draymond was always this way, boasting great confidence whenever he talks, being very eloquent while explaining the secret of success for his team. 

"I mean, it's a great feeling. I've been dreaming this since a child," Green said about winning a state championship. "I played AAU with coach Dawkins, he told us, we win the state championship when we get to Sacramento High. We got here and we did it but it was all because of hard work."

Draymond also said that he knew they would win, showing how high he was on himself and his teammates. Moreover, he claimed he was part of the best frontcourt in the country. 

"Coach told us just come up, we're the best frontcourt in the nation. Can't nobody mess with us, so he just goes to come out and play, and we did it," he added. 

NBA fans reacted to this, some saying he looks exactly the same he sounds right now. 

Draymond is now a 3-time NBA champion, a Defensive Player of the Year award winner, and more. Ever since he was a teenager, he knew he was going to do big things. 

Although the Warriors aren't having the best moment this season, they have competed. As long as they have Green and Stephen Curry on the court, they will have a chance against anybody.