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Draymond Green Has More Made 3PT Shots In The Playoffs Than Michael Jordan And Dirk Nowitzki

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Draymond Green is one of the best playoff performers in NBA history whether people like him or not. Even though his box score numbers have never been impressive, Green has proven that if he is healthy, the Warriors are a better team. That is why the former Defensive Player of the Year has been the vocal leader of this Warriors core since 2015.

However, Green does contribute on the offensive side occasionally. Everyone knows about Dray being the primary playmaker for GSW and creating opportunities for others, but he has answered when his number gets called and he has to shoot a shot. As a result, Green has made 150 three-pointers in the NBA playoffs in his career on 31.2% efficiency.

For all the things Green is good at, scoring is not one of them. But by being a part of the Warriors' motion offense, Dray gets his open looks here and there. He has already surpassed former champions like Michael Jordan and Dirk Nowitzki in all-time playoff three-pointers made.

Draymond's ability to score on open shots seems to have drastically dipped as he ages into the league. But he has kept his value as high as ever by being one of the smartest basketball minds in the league and being a one-man coaching system on the court. 

Green has been an extension of Steve Kerr on the court and he is the floor general of the Warriors, even though Steph Curry is the star. Green's role unlocks players like Steph and Klay to dominate, and that has been a winning recipe for the better part of a decade now.

Nonetheless, Green already having surpassed Dirk and MJ is quite impressive. MJ didn't take many threes, but Dirk was a fantastic shooter who was more than capable of sinking threes. Thi statistic also shows how the league has changed in terms of the voluminous three-point shooting we see today.