Dwight Howard On Ben Simmons: "Leave Him Alone... Ain't None Of You Played In The NBA"

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(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Ben Simmons has been hated on by many fans in recent memory, in the wake of the Philadelphia 76ers blowing a large lead at home against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5. Game 6 will take place in Atlanta, and this is a win or go home game for Ben Simmons and the 76ers.

Dwight Howard has recently expressed support for Ben Simmons amidst all the hate that the point guard has received. Some people have even put up "missing persons" flyers when referring to Simmons' playoff performances. However, Dwight Howard stood with his teammate, when reminding fans that they have never played in the NBA.

“Everybody talking about Ben. Leave him alone. Send him some positivity instead of talking how about bad you think he is. Ain’t none of y'all played in the NBA. Not one time. Y'all got so much to say about somebody who been playing their whole life.  Sit y’all’s butts down, go along, get along... I believe in you Ben.

There is no doubt that Ben Simmons is a capable player, even if he is currently struggling from the free-throw line. Simmons was top 3 in Defensive Player of the Year voting this season and is among the best playmakers in the league. He is also a capable finisher at the rim. Hopefully, Simmons has a solid bounceback game and ends up with a good performance in Game 6.