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Dwyane Wade Believes Chris Paul Should Get Praise For His Longevity Like LeBron James: "At 36 Years Old, He Is Still One Of The 15 Best Players In Our Game."

Chris Paul Becomes The First Player In NBA History To Record Over 20K Points And 10K Assists

A lot of players finish their careers far before they reach their mid to late 30s. The same cannot be said about Chris Paul though, as he is having one of the best seasons of his career. Chris Paul is currently averaging 14.9 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 10.4 APG.

Dwyane Wade has recently lauded Chris Paul for his longevity and suggested that he should get similar praise for that as Lakers superstar LeBron James. He also added that Chris Paul should be an All-Star this year.

I know we talk a lot about, and rightfully so, we talk a lot about what LeBron is doing in his 19th year. But we don’t talk a lot about what Chris Paul is doing at 36 years old in his 17th year

When you think about Chris Paul, you think about a leader. Obviously, Devin Booker is the young, up and coming star... But it's what he's done for everyone else...We don’t give Chris Paul his flowers enough… at 36 years old he is still one of the 15 best players in our game… he should be named an All-Star. It's incredible.

There is no doubt that Chris Paul is having a stellar season even as he's nearing the twilight of his NBA career. He is a big reason for the Phoenix Suns turnaround in recent years. There's no question that he should be an All-Star this year, as the Phoenix Suns are first in the Western Conference with a 41-9 record. 

The Phoenix Suns have had a spectacular year, and some have even suggested that Chris Paul should be the MVP due to his impact on winning for the Suns. While most people will disagree with that take, it's easy to see why it's an opinion some people hold. Perhaps we'll see Chris Paul lead the Suns back to the NBA Finals this year, and perhaps they'll be able to finish the job.