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F1 Drivers Looked Really Tiny Next To Shaquille O'Neal On The Podium

F1 Drivers Look Really Tiny Next To Shaquille O'Neal On The Podium

At this point, everybody in the world of sports knows who Shaquille O'Neal is. The Big Diesel was one of the most dominant players in NBA history, but his name has transcended the game of basketball. 

Shaq has tried different sports, has become a living meme, and wherever he goes, people notice him. Of course, that's not so hard given that the man is a 7-foot-1-inch specimen that draws a lot of attention. 

On Sunday, the 4x NBA champion attended the 2021 United States Grand Prix of Formula 1. A plethora of stars, including Ben Stiller, Serena Williams, Megan thee Stallion, Burna Boy and more, reunited at the Circuit of the Americas to celebrate the return of the Grand Prix to the calendar. 

Shaq was there to give one of the trophies to the top 3 spots. He did a solid job, but that wasn't the best thing that happened when he went up to the stand. The height difference between him and the three drivers at the podium was really big, and F1 fans didn't hesitate to make it a meme. 

Twitter user @rrando19 edited the heights of Max Verstappen (winner), Lewis Hamilton (2nd place) and Sergio Perez (3rd place) to make them even shorter than they already were compared to Shaq. 

This edit instantly went viral, with the official F1 account sharing it and fans losing it after noticing how little they were in comparison to the former center. 

Jaquon Waverly: Thought Shaq Had Came Out With Some Action Figures 😂😂

Raymond Ching Tinea Vida: shaq got his new F1 Drivers Collection 😂

Keith Peña Acosta: Looks like he is showing his action figures lol 🤣🤣

Matiiss Bush: There is no way Shaq could fit in any F1,even if he could fit,there would be Such a huge adjustment needed for that in F1:D

Wally Avelar: Pretty awkward when i saw it live

Lou Liwanag: Those action figures are very realistic. Wonder where Shaq bought them. 🤔

Gebriel Canoy Ubanan: Shaq so good he achieved 1.5th place without doing anything

Treb League: excited on the next nba on tnt, expecting chuck to roast shaq

Alessandro Scarpa: that day when shaq had hamilton steak for dinner...

Daryll Goña: Shaq with his action figures😭

Abu Muhammad: Looks like Shaq playing with his action figure toys 😬

Brad Hawk Johnson: Big Diesel is in da house 😆

Dm Aniceto: Shaq made them look like trophies. 😭

Jacob Balough: That top picture makes him look like a wax figure standing next to Legos 🤣😜

James Driza: When your shaq action figure is out of scale with the rest of your F1 collection

Ifeomah Blessing Okeagu: Shaq always standing out 🤣😂

This was a fitting closure to a dream weekend. Max Verstappen won the race, increasing his advantage to 8 points over Lewis Hamilton in the standings after a thrilling race where the two title contenders fought until the end for the win. 

The next race will take place in Mexico, but it'll be hard to see Shaq there. Still, if he makes it, we'll probably watch another meme involving the former No. 1 overall pick. 

It was quite a week for the Los Angeles Lakers legend. Last week, he starred in a hilarious moment when Charles Barkley claimed he wanted 'real meat.' O'Neal lost it and couldn't stop laughing in yet another iconic exchange between the Inside the NBA duo. Shaq is a very fun person, and even when he doesn't try, he's still funny as heck.