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Shaquille O'Neal's Hilarious Reaction To Charles Barkley Saying 'I Want Real Meat': "Say It Again, Chuck"

Shaquille O’Neal Couldn’t Stop Laughing At What Charles Barkley Said: “When A Guy Is Banging You, You Spin Off Of Him.”

The Shaquille O'Neal-Charles Barkley relationship is one of the funniest in the NBA world. Both legends are jokers who don't hesitate to mock each other on live TV. The pair also goes after their co-hosts Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, but when they go at it, that's when the real fun starts. 

They have some memorable burns, like Chuck calling Shaq ugly the first time they met or O'Neal saying he was satisfied with his rings simply because he had four more than Barkley. They're always trying to catch curious things the other say, and Shaq recently caught one that made him lose it. 

While discussing Beyond Meat, a vegan alternative to meat, the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns legend claimed he wasn't a fan of that and didn't want to eat 'fake meat.' What followed was a curious exchange with Shaq, who couldn't help but laugh after hearing Barkley's rant. 

"I don't want to fake meat. I want real meat," Barkley said while the rest of the crew laughed. 

Shaq couldn't help himself and asked Chuck to repeat what he wanted, losing it after the 1993 MVP doubled down on his comments.

While the rest of the team moved on from that comment, the Big Diesel kept laughing, even taking his glasses off, showing how much he was enjoying that moment. If you don't know why it was so funny for Shaq, he took that 'I want real meat' remark as a sexual comment, leading to this exchange. 

It's not weird to see these two saying this type of stuff, twisting familiar words into something else. Back in May, after Shaq said there were "A lot of 'Viches'" on a list of good shooters, Chuck replied like he only knows: "Well, so... Looks like your phonebook."

This is one of the best duos in the NBA media. Whenever they go at it, fans enjoy it. This time, Shaq won the duel, but it won't take long before Chuck takes revenge on his friend.