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Frank Vogel On Chris Paul Box-Out of LeBron James: "Overly Aggressive Box-Out And Dangerous Play."

NBA Rumors- Lakers Concerned About LeBron James' Ankle, Worry It Will Not Get Better Anytime Soon

Chris Paul and LeBron James faced off for the first time today, and the result wasn't necessarily disappointing, as it was a fairly good game. The Los Angeles Lakers lost, but they have lost Game 1s before and come back to win the series.

There were multiple plays in the night where Chris Paul and LeBron James were physical with one another. The first play was a mid-air collision which forced Chris Paul out of the game for a while, but he later returned to the competition. The latter play was a box-out, where some fans suggested that Chris Paul wanted to injure LeBron James. Frank Vogel commented on the latter play and suggested that that play from Paul was one of a dangerous nature.

There is no doubt that the play was controversial, and that there is no question that players should try to play as safely as possible. It is worth it to mention that LeBron James and Chris Paul are friends off the court, and it is unlikely that either would want to injure the other. Everyone wants a fair and competitive series, and history would definitely remember either star more negatively if they purposefully tried to injure someone else.

While the play itself could be considered dangerous, it seemed that there was no malicious intent involved. Both teams will now get ready for Game 2 and bring it all. The Los Angeles Lakers will certainly want to fire a counter-punch at the Phoenix Suns, and even the series up.