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Jalen Green Says He Wants To Win Rookie Of The Year: "The Fact That I Didn't Go No. 1 Is Certainly Motivation."

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jalen green

For a first-year player, winning the Rookie of the Year award is a solid achievement. Being recognized as the best rookie in one's class is certainly a great way to start one's career. While not all Rookie of the Year award recipients become stars in the future, there are definitely some that do ascend to that next level. Regardless, trying to gun for that award is a great goal for any rookie.

Jalen Green has recently stated that his goal for the season was to become the ROTY, and he revealed that not being drafted at No. 1 is "motivation" to achieve that goal. This isn't the first time that Green has referenced not being drafted at No. 1 in the media, and he previously stated that he wanted to be the No. 1 pick, but didn't want to be in Detroit.

Some things can give you extra fuel and more desire to compete against your peers. It seems as though Jalen Green draws on being selected No. 2 instead of No. 1, as his personal form of motivation. In another draft, perhaps he would have been No. 1. However, Cade Cunningham was viewed as a "can't miss" prospect, and there were even reports that the Houston Rockets could trade up to No. 1 in an attempt to acquire Cunningham.

Even if he didn't go No. 1, Jalen Green should have a solid rookie year. He's a great shot-creator and has shown flashes of his ability during his time with the G-League Ignite. He averaged 17.9 PPG during 15 games with the Ignite, and hopefully, he can show some of that same scoring next season.

The Houston Rockets have a solid young core in place, with players such as Kevin Porter Jr. and Christian Wood currently on the roster. With Green's addition they'll certainly be a better team, and it should be exciting to see if they can make some noise in the Western Conference.