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Jimmy Butler Reveals His Plans After The NBA: "After My Basketball Career... I Will Be In My Cafe Behind The Bar Making Coffee."

Jimmy Butler pouring coffee

There comes a point in every player's career, where they have to think about life after they're done playing in the NBA. After all, after a player's basketball career is done, they will have a lot of free time and money on their hands. 

It seems as though Jimmy Butler already knows what he'll be doing once he finishes his time in the NBA. In a recent interview with Jabari Young of CNBC, Jimmy Butler revealed that his plan is to "be in my cafe, behind the bar making coffee" in Miami or San Diego. Butler has notably launched his own coffee brand named "Bigface".

It started as a joke, but now National Basketball Association star Jimmy Butler has officially launched a coffee brand.

The 32-year-old Miami Heat star started his company in the 2020 NBA Covid bubble in Orlando, Florida, selling cups of coffee for $20 each. After that season, Butler filed for trademarks around Bigface and officially started plans to launch his coffee company. And on Friday he announced that he joined Shopify’s creator program to boost his Bigface coffee brand.

Butler waited to launch Bigface to coincide with Friday’s International Coffee Day, two days after National Coffee Day in the U.S.

With the NBA’s 75th season beginning Oct. 19, Butler is now focusing on basketball, but he has already planned life after his playing days are over. Butler said he’ll be in Miami or San Diego in one of his coffee shops. And this time, he’s not joking.

“After my basketball career, and people are like ‘Man, what is Jimmy doing nowadays,’ you know where to find me,” Butler said. “I will be in my cafe behind the bar making coffee.”

Running a coffee business will certainly be an exciting new venture for Jimmy Butler, and he definitely has the resources to help his brand be successful. There's certainly an appeal to his new business. Many people around the world drink coffee, and it'd certainly be a great experience for someone to have coffee made by Jimmy Butler himself.

As of now though, Jimmy Butler will be fighting to try and win a championship with the Miami Heat during the 2021-22 season. He has previously claimed that the Miami Heat would be able to win the championship if they got to the 2021 NBA Finals, expressing belief in his squad. While the Heat fell short of that goal, they made some astute additions such as Kyle Lowry during the offseason to make sure that doesn't happen again. Jimmy Butler and the Heat got there in 2020: perhaps they'll get there again in 2022, and be able to finish the job.