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Kawhi Leonard Responds After Game 1 Defeat: "Nothing Good Comes Easy."

Kawhi Leonard Responds After Game 1 Defeat- "Nothing Good Comes Easy."

Kawhi Leonard and the L.A. Clippers have an uphill battle ahead of them. In the wild West, nothing comes easy and it will take a complete and cohesive effort from the team if they want to make amends for last year's disappointing finish.

After dropping Game 1 against Dallas, Kawhi Leonard spoke to media about his headspace, insisting that spirits were still high for his ball club.

“Up one, down one, you gotta come out and play the same basketball game,” Leonard said after tonight’s loss, per Sports Illustrated.

Nobody was really down on the game. Obviously, nobody wants to lose, but our spirits are still high and we believe in ourselves. Nothing good comes easy.”

For Clippers fans, this has got to be a dose of good news. After last season's collapse, the team wasn't necessarily in a good spot, and it left a scar that may not go away anytime soon.

To know that the Clippers are in a good place, and seem ready to come out for Game 2, we can expect a good showing from them.

Of course, how far they will go into the market remains to be seen. IS a repeat of last year in order, or will the Clippers finally prove themselves as the title contenders they appear to be?