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Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Is "The Most Selfish Guy In Team Sports."

Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Is "The Most Selfish Guy In Team Sports."

While Kawhi Leonard isn't the most open NBA superstar, he's always been considered likable by the community.

But in a recent segment on ESPN, former big man Kendrick Perkins challenged that narrative in a rant on the network, where he called Kawhi selfish for his recent actions concerning Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

"Kawhi Leonard is a guy who throws stones and hides his hand. And when it comes down to it, we have let him off the hook for too long. He's a guy that flies under the radar and has been doing sneaky stuff, been getting catered to, and just because he's quiet we don't address him. 

We looking at this situation with him and Russell Westbrook. This is supposed to be your homie. This is a confidential conversation. You don't use this conversation or ignore this brother's phone call to go lure Paul George to come to the Clippers."

Perk is referencing a situation just recently revealed by ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. According to her, Russell Westbrook (who is now a Laker) called up Kawhi about potentially teaming up in Los Angeles.

But instead of partnering with Westbrook, Kawhi turned around and called Westbrook's teammate (Paul George) instead, setting up a trade that would bring PG to the Clippers.

It's pretty messed up and, all things considered, was enough to get Perk really fired up.

Of course, that situation is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questionable activity from Kawhi.

"By the way, when you get to the Clippers, the firing of Doc Rivers," Perkins said. "Everybody wanted to point the finger at Paul George, but Paul George wasn't the only one who had a say in firing Doc Rivers. Kawhi Leonard was right there with him, but nobody wanted to blame Kawhi Leonard for what he was doing.

You look at this season alone. Kawhi Leonard gets hurt, he goes down. Most of the time when you see a guy go down and your team is in the heat of the battle and they in the playoffs, they not in the sweet, wiggling their toes eating steak and shrimp. They down there on the bench, encouraging their teammates. They in the trenches with their guys."

Remember, Kawhi is also the guy who quit in the Spurs and forced his way out, and then left the Raptors months after winning the title.

No matter your opinion on Kawhi, some are beginning to connect the dots on his activity, and it doesn't bode well for his reputation and standing among the NBA community.