Kevin Durant Says Kobe Bryant Is The Most Clutch Player He Ever Faced: “Kobe. I Was Scared S—less Of Kobe Late In Games.”

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Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Kobe Bryant was a player that wasn't afraid of the challenges. Kobe looked for them, he embraced the crunch time, the clutch moments and he didn't run away from them. Kobe faced a lot of great players in his career, leaving a great impression. Kevin Durant had great -or bad- memories from Kobe, especially in the last minutes of the game, where the Los Angeles Lakers legend stepped up to finish a game.

During a recent appearance on The Corp podcast, hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Big Cat, Durant revealed Kobe was the best “clutch money player” he ever saw in his career. They had several duels in the postseason and KD remembers Kobe was a threat.

“Kobe. I was scared s—less of Kobe late in games," he explained.

Kobe was a problem when it came to the clutch. He lived for those moments and even though he didn't always make those shots, that didn't stop him from keep shooting. KD described it perfectly with his response.

KB24 was that dude. He lived for that and Durant saw it first hand. The last time Bryant won a championship, he got past the Oklahoma City Thunder, defeating them in the first round of the playoffs. Just like Kobe didn't know how to stop KD, Durant didn't know how to beat the Lakers legend in the last minutes of the game.