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Klay Thompson Hits 22 Straight 3-Pointers In Incredible Workout Video

Klay Thompson Hits 22 Straight 3-Pointers In Incredible Workout Video

The Golden State Warriors just won their fourth NBA championship in 8 years a couple of months ago. After two seasons of being a struggling team, the Dubs bounced back and, led by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, defeated the young Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals. 

It wasn't an easy job, but the Warriors always knew when and how to make the adjustments, winning another championship to confirm they are one of the best dynasties in NBA history. Stephen Curry stole all the attention with his efforts, but the rest of the team was on the right page all season long to win the title. 

They're not ready to lose their championship just yet, and a recent video of Klay in the lab shows that the shooting guard is just starting. Klay keeps getting better from deep and won't rest until he wins more and more. 

Klay Thompson Hits 22 Straight 3-Pointers In Workout Video

The Splash Brother couldn't get properly ready for the past season due to his injury, but this year, he has a lot of time to polish his talents and be ready to face a new NBA season where everybody will try to dethrone his Golden State Warriors. Klay completely killed the drill and nailed 22 consecutive triples. 

Just like Stephen Curry, Thompson has been petty whenever people criticize his Warriors. They are fueled by all the bad comments they hear in the media and whatever rival fans say to them. Klay is ready to make another statement with his team and prove that he's ready to keep dominating the league. 

If he's as accurate in actual games as he was in this workout, the Warriors will be set to repeat as NBA champions, no matter who is in front of them. Klay is ready to unleash his powers, and Dubs Nation must be excited about it.