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Kobe Bryant’s Estate Continuing Negotiations For Partnership With Nike

Kobe Bryant’s Estate Continuing Negotiations For Partnership With Nike

Fans were heartbroken this year when it was revealed that Nike and Kobe Bryant's partnership would be coming to an end. The negotiations fell through because of differing viewpoints over the compensation, and the two sides did not reconcile.

The deal falling apart was not well received. Vince Carter reacted to the news, calling it mind-boggling that the deal had collapsed. With Kobe's show being one of the most popular in the NBA, especially for players to wear, the deal ending put into jeopardy the possibility of more shoes under Kobe's brand.

But apparently, there had been discontentment, especially from Kobe's side. In fact, some people have suggested that Kobe wanted to leave Nike and start his own player-owned shoe company, but that never came to fruition.

But there may be hope after a new report from Brian Windhorst stated that Bryant's estate and Nike were still in talks over a partnership. As things stand, there is no agreement on the table, but if negotiations go well between the two, the agreement could be reached and Kobe's shoes would be under the Nike umbrella again.

"Last spring, Nike and Vanessa Bryant announced they were parting ways after the shoe giant’s deal with the late Kobe Bryant ended. The sides are still talking with the hope they can eventually come to terms, sources told ESPN, but currently the partnership is off."

Kobe's shoes are a big asset for Nike. In fact, Brian Windhorst revealed earlier this year that NBA players were spending more than 5 figures to acquire Kobe Bryant shoes. Players like Anthony Davis, PJ Tucker, and DeMar DeRozan have been spotted wearing Kobe's during games on several occasions, so this news came as no surprise.

This will come as great news for many people. Kobe's shoes with Nike are some of the most iconic in the history of the league. While there may be no deal now, fans will be hoping that the two sides can settle on a deal that leaves them satisfied and continues delivering great shoes for the fans.