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LaVar Ball Says LaMelo Ball Never Asks Michael Jordan For Advice: “When Was The Last Time He Won A Championship? The Game Has Changed. What’s He Gonna Tell Him?”

Mitch Kupchak Says Michael Jordan Is Happy With LaMelo Ball, Hornets' Performances: “I Think He Likes The Direction We’re Going”.

It's not a secret that LaVar Ball is quite a character. The Ball family's patriarch has been making noise for a couple of years now, and he's not stopping anytime soon. His sons are doing great in the NBA and LaVar has gone quiet for the past couple of seasons, but that doesn't mean he'll stop making his curious claims. 

LaMelo is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets, trying to lead the franchise to become one of the powerhouses in the Eastern Conference. He has exceeded the team's expectations so far, and Michael Jordan is very happy with him

They reportedly have a good relationship and Melo calls MJ 'Unc' whenever they talk. But, they don't talk about basketball, according to LaVar. In a recent interview, the former college player shut down the notion of LaMelo asking for advice from his boss, who won six NBA titles and is widely considered the greatest player of all time. 

Talking with HoopsView, Ball said that Jordan hasn't won a championship in a long time and his words were useless for Melo. 

“How often does he seek out advice from Michael Jordan? Never!” Lavar said. “What advice is he gonna give him?… “When was the last time he won a championship? The game has changed. What’s he gonna tell him?”

Well, you know, one would imagine that after winning six championships in eight years, Jordan would have some good inputs for Ball. Perhaps the second-year guard is hiding something from his dad, but it's hard to believe he won't reach out to Jordan to ask the tiniest thing about improving his game. 

Still, Melo is a big talent, the hope of the Hornets to make big things in the future. The 2020 No. 3 overall pick has a lot to give to the franchise and neither he nor Jordan will rest until they win the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

MJ knows a lot about winning in the NBA, and that's the most significant assistance he could provide to Ball.